UNICEF-sponsored Trunk or Treat huge success

First Posted: 11/3/2014

Area residents had a chance to trick or treat for a cause on Oct 31 when a Trunk or Treat event at Dallas High School benefiting UNICEF provided opportunity for families to celebrate the autumn holiday surrounded by neighbors, a variety of candy and a spirit of community.

For a $5 fee, families could make their way through the parking lot of the school collecting candy from over 20 cars that opened their trunks to both the children and to the effort benefited by the event.

Holly Golembiewski, moderator of the club, said the event and the UNICEF club were rooted in the concern students had for those who were less fortunate.

“One day during a class, I showed a film about children in other countries who didn’t have enough to eat or didn’t have stable housing,” said Golembiewski. “The next day, a student came up with the idea of starting a UNICEF club, so we did.”

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) is a United Nations Program headquartered in New York City that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to women and children in developing countries.

Senior Emily Banta, student president of the club, was amazed at teachers, students, clubs and parents who volunteered their trunks, energy and effort. The trunks filled with candy and other treats were manned by volunteers in full costume and brought smiles to young participants faces as they made their way from car to car, often telling a joke or singing a song.

Donning costumes from ghoulish to glittery, young and old alike fully enjoyed the event, with many especially enjoying celebrating the holiday during the light of the afternoon, with the sun providing the warmth that made it easy to spend some time “catching up” with friends.

Much thought was given to the themes of each trunk, with favorites being a Sponge Bob theme, complete with “Mermaid Man” and the Wizard of Oz that featured a yellow brick road.

Senior Catrina Notari, dressed as Dorothy from Oz, said it was a pleasure to spend an afternoon helping out a good cause, simply seeing children having a lot of fun.

Senior Sarah Fasulka chose a Blood Bank theme for her trunk which she said was crafted to be “a little scary, but not too scary.”

“It’s also really cool the kids don’t have to wait to go trick-or-treating,” said Fasulka. “I remember wanting to go out right after school, and these kids get to do that.”

Participants Stan and Betty Golembiewski enjoyed seeing hundreds of children who attended the event showing off their costumes, grabbing their favorite candies and spending time with their families in a safe environment.

Four-month-old Mackenzie Kordish, among the youngest of participants, enjoyed the event from her stroller dressed as a bee, complete with glittery antennae and yellow stripes.

The canine set was also represented as several participants brought their dogs for an autumn stroll and a bit of exercise.

Kelly Christison brought out her “minions” Quinto, 7, and Hayden, 6, dressed in purple from head to foot.

Robert Smith, proving that Halloween is not only for the young but the young at heart, enjoyed participating as Gru from Despicable Me, with many youngsters giving his life-like mask a second look.

Seniors Ashley Kaleta and Mykala Wright, both dressed as Mini Mouses, enjoyed decorating and dressing up for a good cause. The two offered treats to young participants contained in jack-o-lanterns, bringing smiles to the faces of youngsters as they paused to find their favorite candies.

To the delight of the youngsters, senior Eric Pincofski provided a witch hat ring toss game, giving attendees an opportunity to test their aim and, of course, win candy.

Although Golembiewski and members of the UNICEF club anticipate this as being one of the year’s biggest fundraisers, the club has also raised $1,500 utilizing a bit of fun and creativity.

Classrooms at the school were equipped with a UNICEF box for collection of donations. The top three fundraising classrooms required teachers to dress in costume for Halloween. The group also sold UNICEF band bracelets.

Student organizations were generous in regard to the UNICEF effort, with the Students Leadership In Civics (STIC), Theater and Economic clubs making significant contributions.

With such a great turnout for the first year, Banta looks forward to continued enthusiasm for a worthy cause. The club is considering other similar fundraisers, including an egg hunt for the Easter season.

Photos . .

1. (with purple costumes) Bob Smith, Kelly Christison (mom), Quinto and Hayden

2. (with mini-mouses) Moderator. Holly Golembiewski, Ashley Kaleta, Mykala Wright

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