First Posted: 1/8/2014

Michell’e Boice was elected Harveys Lake President at borough council’s re-organization meeting on Jan. 6.

Boice, who is entering her third year of a 4-year term on council, said she is “looking forward to working with the other members and to continue on the right path financially.”

Boice pointed out that two years ago the borough was experiencing a deficit that it has pulled itself out of and for the 2012 year council gave up its monthly stipend in order to help the borough to get out of debt. There was also a “freeze on wages” with borough employees, according to Boice.

The newly-elected council president added that she hopes to see “more progress” with the new council. All members of the newly-elected council are Democrats, except for the two Republican members, Carole Samson and Amy Williams.Boice concluded by stating, “we (council) will continue to closely watch the finance and the budget.”

Council member Thomas Kehler was elected vice-president of council.

Council member Edward Kelly said he is pleased by the way council has “kept a very good eye on the budget and the spending.”

Judge Jennifer Rogers, of Harveys Lake, swore in three new members of council. Carole Samson, who previously served as Harveys Lake borough secretary for 17 years, and retired school teachers, Daniel Blaine and Bill Hilburt. The newly-elected members replace Fran Kopko, Boyd Barber and Larry Radel.

Edward Kelly and Amy Williams will continue as members of council.

Attorney Charles McCormick resigned as the borough’s solicitor and has been replaced by attorney Tom O’Connor.

In other matters: the borough’s tax rate will not see an increase, as it will remain at .804%. The 1% real estate transfer tax, the $5 capita tax, and the 1% Earned Income Tax Credit all have been reinstated at the same rates as last year.

The borough’s bank has been changed from PNC to Luzerne National Bank.

The next council meeting will held at 7:340 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 21.

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