First day of school jitters

First Posted: 8/19/2014

Brianna Hodle’s first day as a Lake-Lehman Junior High school student will officially take place on Monday, Aug. 25 when the district’s classes begin. But Hodle is already an asset to the school, as she helped several struggling students to successfully gain access to their new lockers.

Hodle graduated from Ross Elementary School and really enjoyed that school, but is also looking forward to middle school. She was a member of the elementary cheerleading squad and softball team and will continue those sports at the middle school leavel. She hopes to eventually pursue a career working with the ocean.

Nearby, Paul and Kim Haines, of Sweet Valley, watched as their daughter, Angel, creatively decorated her locker in preparation for her first day of middle school. Angel attached glittered pencil and pen holders, a mirror, an erasable note pad and a picture of her with her best friend, Charlotte. Angel said that Charlotte is in sixth grade this year, so she has another year to go before the two can attend middle school together.

Angel’s favorite subject is math and she is “looking forward to joining chorus and drama.” Kim Haines said that Angel has “a great singing voice and I’m not just saying that because I am her mom,” adding that Angel is excellent with Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift songs. Paul Haines agreed.

Dennis Beyer waited as his son, Connor Beyer, finished personalizing his locker with shelves and magnets and his sister, stood next to her father. Abby is in fourth grade at Lehman-Jackson Elementary School and enjoys science, softball and soccer.

“She came with her brother because she wanted to see the school,” Dennis pointed out. Connor, who is moving into the ninth grade, enjoys reading and wants to become a guidance counselor. Abby wants to be a teacher.

Outside the school, Michelle Sowden and her sons, Jacob and Matthew, enjoyed the nice weather. Jacob will enter eighth grade and is not looking forward to the new school year because he doesn’t like to wake up early. Hewas a member of the Lake-Lehman honor roll this past year and has been a Boy Scout for the past three years. Matthew, who will start 11th grade, doesn’t mind waking up early and that Lake-Lehman is “a nice school.” Matthew was also a member of the honor roll this past year, as well as being Boy Scout for the past four years. He is looking forward to taking an advanced placement elective class, the Holocaust, because he has “always been interested in the subject.” Matthew is also busy planning for his Eagle Scout project.

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