Meet Riley

First Posted: 9/8/2014

Riley is a 1-year-old Husky mix. She is house trained, knows many commands and is a quick learner. She is very intelligent and trainable, but will only obey a command if she sees the human is stronger minded than she is. If the handler does not display leadership, she will not see the point in obeying. Riley would do best in a home with a same size, submissive dog.

Keep in mind, dogs are not mechanical creatures, nor are they humans. Their brains do not work in the same way that a human’s does. They lack human reasoning and some of our more complicated human emotions, but these are replaced with their own unique abilities that we would not trade for the world.

That is what makes animals so special; they differ from humans. Taking the time to learn how an animal thinks and what makes it tick will help you successfully communicate with your dog. Give your dog what it needs, rather than only taking what YOU want from your dog.

You can visit Riley and her friends at



974 Lockville Road



Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Noon to 5 p.m.

Other hours by appointment

Call: 570-333-5265


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