First Posted: 3/12/2014

Mark Kraynack assured attendees of the March 10 Dallas School Board meeting that there would be no repeat of a release of carbon monoxide that occurred over the weekend.

Kraynack, superintendent of buildings and grounds for the school district, said safety measures are being implemented utilizing a sensor system which would alert authorities to even very low levels of carbon monoxide emitted from boilers in district buildings.

Parent Kris Moss inquired as to whether the fire department would immediately respond if the carbon monoxide alarm sounded.

Kraynack said that “at such low levels that would not be necessary and the system would shut itself down.”

Superintendent Frank Gallicki said the incident was handled “quickly and efficiently,” with both the fire department and the gas company responding.

The board also welcomed its new board member James Gattuso, who is replacing Karen Kyle.

In another matter, the board authorized Dave Payne, PNC Bank, to refinance district-held bonds in the next few weeks in response to interest rates. He said he would work closely with the board to maximize profit it would receive from the bonds over the next year.

“This will simply make it possible for us to get the best possible deal for the district when market conditions are right,” said Payne.

Resident Thomas Dombroski addressed the board regarding Senate Bill 76, the Property Tax Independence Act. He asked the board to introduce a resolution supporting the bill, which purports to shift the tax burden from homeowners to those with sizable income.

Board member Jeff Thomas said he had done considerable research regarding the bill and that it was flawed in several ways.

“The bill doesn’t address rising costs of education and simply spins the burden around,” said Thomas.

Thomas agreed to meet with Dombroski, who heads Cap Taxes of Luzerne County, to address his concerns.

In another matter, high school principal Jeff Shaffer lauded the district for high SAT scores.

Shaffer said, in spite of changes to the SAT test in 2015, he was confident district students would “get out ahead” of the changes, and continue to excel.

The board named the law firm of Rosenn, Jenkins, & Greenwald as interim solicitor for the district through the 2013-14 school year.

The next meeting of the Dallas School Board will take place at 7 p.m. on April 14.

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