Helping fire victims – one punch at a time

First Posted: 4/21/2014

Students of White Dragon Martial Arts in Idetown will kick and punch at Northmoreland Township Volunteer Fire Company at 2 p.m. today, April 27 in an effort to collect donations from family, friends and community for the Kaskus family of Vernon.

Northmoreland Volunteer Fire Department is located at 1618 Demunds Road (about 1/8 mile off Route 292) in Centermoreland.

Mark Kaskus, his wife Kelly, and son Danny lost everything but the clothes on their backs in a fire that totally destroyed their mobile home on Feb. 12.

Sifu Dave Haas, of Vernon, who has been studying Martial Arts since 1998 and holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt, is coordinating the fundraiser benefit event.

White Dragon Marital Arts Benefit Demo for The Kaskus Family benefit fundraiser will feature demonstrations of the classical five animal Kung Fu system that encompasses the Tiger, Crane, Leopard, Snake and Monkey styles.

The benefit fundraiser is sponsored by White Dragon Martial Arts of Idetown founded by Professor Bill Lamoreaux in 1999. He is joined in teaching Martial Arts by Sifu Dave Haas and Sifu Dave Lamoreaux.

White Dragon Marital Arts Benefit Demo for The Kaskus Family benefit is free of charge to the public. Donations will be accepted at the door and all proceeds will go directly to the family.

Donations can be mailed to The Kaskus Family Fund at FNCB, 23 W. Market St., Wilkes-Barre, PA, 18702.

For more information, call Dave Haas at 570-299-0864.

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