These cookies ae ‘famous’

First Posted: 12/3/2014

DALLAS — Welsh cookies baked and sold by the Dallas Eastern Star Association Ladies are much more than simply provision of a sweet treat perfect along side a cup of coffee, even more than a perfect addition to a holiday dessert buffet.

The “famous” round cookies, often described as “sweet but not too sweet,” are a reflection on family and tradition, often evoking stories of Christmases past when grandmothers baked the cookies using their own special recipe.

Club member Dianne Corby who helps coordinate cookie sales throughout the year, said the cookies have been sold by the organization for as long as she can remember. Often called “coal miner’s cookies” by area residents, the cookies baked by the organization contain currants, but are often baked with raisins. They come plain or dipped in sugar.

“Although the cookies do contain sugar, some diabetics or those concerned about calories buy the plain cookies,” said Corby. “Others definitely prefer the sugared variety.”

Corby said ancestors of English or Welsh heritage especially enjoy the opportunity to include the cookies on their holiday table, “bringing the native recipe to the current culture.”

The cookies, although especially popular during the holiday season, are sold throughout the year to fund maintenance of the association’s building. The cookies sell out each and every time they are available.

Corby credits members of the association with making the sale possible, often working for weeks before the sale.

“Like many area families, my family looks forward to the cookie sales,” said Corby.

The sale also includes chicken noodle and vegetable beef soup at $6 a quart, offering a delicious opportunity to warm up on a cold night while wrapping presents or sitting in front of a fire.

Those who would like to order the cookies at $4 a dozen may call Corby at 570.675.4893 for pickup on Dec. 13 at the Association Hall on Foster and Woodlawn Streets, Dallas.

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