Rev. Dan Miller receives Lemmond Award

First Posted: 6/9/2014

Rev. Dan Miller was presented with the 2014 Charles D. Lemmond Jr. Community Spirit Award on June 5 by Dallas Post Editor Dotty Martin and Mrs. Barbara Lemmond, Senator Lemmond’s widow.

Miller, pastor of the Back Mountain Harveys Assembly of God Church in Trucksville, was nominated for the award by both Lisa Smith, of Shavertown, and Lee S. Piatt, of Dallas.

During the presentation, Rev. Miller and Mrs. Lemmond traded memories about the late senator.

Rev. Miller talked about the help he received from the senator when the church congregation wanted to erect a new sign and Mrs. Lemmond told how the senator would return from the Back Mountain Men’s Ecumenical Breakfast and say, “Everything is good. Pastor Dan prayed for me this morning.”

The award, named after the former senator who passed away in 2012 to recognize a resident of the Back Mountain for his or her leadership and advancement of community spirit, was established by The Dallas Post in 2013. The first recipients were David and Judy Rimple, honored for their work with the Back Mountain Trail.

The award honors those who endeavor to improve the lives of Back Mountain residents through outstanding community service, public service or philanthropy and embody Senator Lemmond’s commitment to doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason.

Smith, in her nomination of Miller, said, “Pastor Miller spends his entire day and night helping others with their needs. Under his pastoral supervision, the community now benefits from many different outreaches.”

Piatt, in his nomination, said, “Dan Miller is about getting Christians of all chuches and denominations together with folks of other faiths and backgrounds to work together for a better community.”

Miller said he was “humbled and appreciative” to receive the award honoring the late senator, but he also felt he was undeserving.

“There are so many great people here at the church and throughout the area,” said Miller. “I’m a nobody who has a lot of somebodies around me to make me look good.”

With a photo of Senator Lemmond on the plaque itself, Miller comments, “I know now that Charlie is looking down on me at all times.”

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