A gem of an idea

First Posted: 1/14/2014

Every cupcake purchased from the Olde House Café or Valentine’s Jewelers in Dallas during the “Colors of Love” cupcake sale will have a semi-precious gemstone from Valentine’s Jewelers embedded in it.

The $10 price of the cupcake will be donated to the Back Mountain Food Pantry. The customer gets to eat the cupcake and keep the gem stone inside – all the while being careful not to swallow the stone.

“It’s pretty awesome,” says Olde House Café owner Elaine Weaver, who, along with Dallas jewelry store owner Elva Valentine thought of the idea for the promotion. “If you donate the $10, you get something in return.”

Valentine had heard of similar promotions in the jewelry business and Weaver knows that the Back Mountain Food Pantry’s food supplies decrease after the holidays. The business buddies decided to do the campaign now and hope to raise $3,000.

The promotion will be extended each week until the goal is met.

Customers can order the cupcakes from either The Olde House Café or from Valentine’s Jewelry Store, but the cupcakes must be picked up at the store from which they are ordered.

Cupcakes are flavored chocolate with peanut butter frosting, chocolate with chocolate frosting, vanilla with butter cream filling and butter cream icing and vanilla with butter cream.

“The gems can be rubies, garnets, sapphires, pearls, almost any of the birthstones, “ says Valentine. The stone in the cupcake is random – a surprise.

The women are depending on their clients and customers to respond to this interesting opportunity.

“It’s a fun surprise and, hopefully ,we’ll raise some money,” said Valentine.

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