First Posted: 6/9/2014

20 YEARS AGO – 1994

The Irem Golf Association recently elected the following officers for the 1994 golf season: Don Alexander, president; Don Gosart, vice president; Dr. Bob Berman, secretary; and Bob Edgerton, treasurer.

Seventh grade students of the Dallas Middle School recently participated in an Earth Day program designed by the faculty and students from the biology departments of King’s College and Wilkes University. The students learned about coal mining’s effects on the Susquehanna River, industrial monitoring of pollution, Native American fishing techniques and modern wastewater treatment. They also received tree saplings to take home. Participants included Bill Duda, Jon Humphrey, Jennifer Howe, Matt Pacovsky, Nicole gable and Rochelle Fedkenheuer.

30 YEARS AGO – 1984

Lisa Gianonne was selected the 1984 Prom Queen at the Lake-Lehman Junior-Senior Prom held last Friday evening at the Sheraton-Crossgates in Wilkes-Barre. The promo, which revolved around the theme, “Almost Paradise,” was under the direction of Junior Class President, Sarah Lange. Members of the Prom Queen’s court were: Lisa Bond, Joanne Gunton, Amy Conaway, Cathy Major and Jill Solinski. Escorts included Bob Dotter, Sal Turonis, Marty Onzik, Chris Steele, Eric Masters and Rusty Coolbaugh.

Gate of Heaven School, Dallas, recently held a Science Fair for students at the school. Sixth grade winners included John Pieczynski, Kevin Sult, Wendy Kuniskas, Melissa Malonis and Heather Malonis. Seventh grade winners were: Amy Allardyce, Debbie Kindler, Lucia Sitar and Dawn Rismondo. Eighth grade winners included Sandy Rutkoski, Jean Stahovec, Anna Beezich, Arlene Casterline, Amy Cutter and Annette Sitar.

40 YEARS AGO -1974

The Nursery School of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Dallas, recently closed for summer recess with a family picnic and program held at the church. Student participants were: Erin Friar, Lorelei McLean, Anne Marie Wilson, Dominic Fino, Dawn Campbell, Kristin Cuscela, Stacey Quagletti, Barbara Davies, Leigh Pawling, Fred Kirkendall, Kevin Brown, Christopher Landmesser, Becky Gregg, Matthew Carson, Beth Scott, Mark Wilczynski, Lori Lipski, Kristy Piatkowski, Jeff Gelb, Eric Olsen and Trevor Smith.

The Dallas Borough Elementary School held a Play Day which included teams competing in basketball, kickball, dodge ball, broad jump, horizontal bar, bean bag toss, relays, horseshoes, bowling and ring toss. Members of the winning team were: Bobby Durkin, Mike Newell, Billy Arnold, Michelle Hayes, Kristel Poynton, Debbie Newberry, Patricia Hann, Beth Karnofsky, Gary Radzinski, Bobby Richardson, Diana Davis, Joseph Baganski, Amy Yocum and Peggy Smith.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964

The Dal-Hi, student publication of Dallas Senior High School, was awarded third prize in the Student Press Project sponsored by the Luzerne County Mental Health Association for an excellent mental health edition of a high school newspaper. Fourteen schools were entered in the contest. Co-editors of the Dal-Hi are Georgia McCutcheon and Linda Woolbert.

Final meeting of the Westmoreland PTA was held on Tuesday, when the election and installation of new officers took place. Mr. John Mulhern, principal of Westmoreland installed the following: President, Mrs. A. Curtis Edwards; Vice-president, William Reid; Secretary, Mrs. Paul Kunkle; and Treasurer, Mrs. Charles James.

Mrs. Bette Nafus, Dallas, was chosen winner of the Pepsi Cola Shopping Spree. The drawing took place Sunday at Sans Souci Park. Mrs. Nafus will be shopping alone for 15 minutes at the Dallas Acme, then her card will be entered for the State drawing twice in July. If her name should be drawn either of these times, the entire family will be allowed to shop with her.

60 YEARS AGO – 1954

Priscilla Moore, daughter of Mrs. Irene Moore, East Dallas, received a cash award last month at Dallas-Franklin Township High School for outstanding performance as Letita Roberts in the one-act play, “House of Greed” staged by senior class members of Powder and Wig Club. The performance won the interplay competition. Members of the cast will receive dramatic award pins. Competing plays were “Bessie, the Bandit’s Beautiful Baby,” by junior members, and “Hewers of Coal” by the boys of the Powder and Wig.

Mrs. Larue Swayze was chosen president and Edward Barto, secretary-treasurer at the annual banquet of the “Get Together Club” held in the Starlite Room of the Hotel Redington Saturday evening.

Thomas Garrity has been elected president of Harveys Lake Lions. Carl Schreiner is first vice president; Wilred Ide, second vice president; John Nothoff, third vice president; Edgar Hughes, Lion Tamer; Harry Jones, tail Twister, George Alles, treasurer; and Paul Monahan, financial secretary.

70 YEARS AGO – 1944

Women of the Shavertown Canteen Unit served to blood donors at Kirby Health Center Tuesday. Those helping were: Mrs. Oscar Dymond, Mrs. Fred Howell, Mrs. Arch Hutchinson, Mrs. John Henninger, Mrs. William Ockenhouse, Mrs. Ray Wardan, Mrs. John Stenger, Mrs. Harold Flack, Mrs. Robert Currie, Mrs. Paul Laux, Mrs. William Boyce, Mrs. Newton Ness and Mrs. William Dierolf.

Bob Snyder entertained Boy Scout Troop 281 on his twelfth birthday at his home, Claude Street, recently. Those present were Scout Master Zel Garinger and George Schooley, Wayne Knecht, Kenneth Ide, Dick Harris, Don Davies, Billy Whipp, Dale Shaver, John Roberts, Bruce Roberts, Charles Snowden, Raymond Knecht, Donald Shaver, Paul Hughey and Joe LeGrand.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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