‘Be Your Best’ students at Lehman-Jackson

First Posted: 5/5/2014

The April value for the “Best Your Best” program at the Lehman-Jackson Elementary School was academic achievement. Students were nominated by their teacher if they demonstrated the value of academic achievement during the month. Nominated students are, from left, first row, Jonathan Neyhard, Caleb Verosky, Scott Egbert, Andrew Chapple, Robert Gregor. Second row, Ava Hudak, Sarah Coley, Steven Bucholtz, Evan Kaiser, Michael Lugiano, Connor Martin, Emily Smith and Gabrielle Davies. Third row, Melanie Steele, third-grade teacher; Jakob Baur, Mackenzie Dwyer, Skyler Hadsall, Lauren Chapple, Eryn McMonagle, Hannah Kline, Claire Dougherty, KateLyn Krzysik, Liam Pembleton, January Albee, fourth-grade teacher; and Donald James, principal.

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