Books remember loved ones

First Posted: 6/24/2014

The following memorial/honor books have been added to the shelves of the Back Mountain Memorial Library for the month of June 2014:

In memory of Janet and Edward Dexter, “Daniel: my French Cuisine” by Daniel Boulud, presented by Connie and Durelle Scott

In memory of Corey Ehret, “Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea” by John Darling, presented by Robert and Nancy Kline

In memory of Leonard Sabalesky, “The World Atlas of Musical Instruments,” presented by Connie Tanski

In memory of Phyllis Rutchauskas, “Masterpiece” by Elise Broach, presented by Marcia Rado and Family

The following books are in memory of Clifford King Parker and are presented by Abby Campbell: “Ghost Ship” by Clive Cussler and “The Lincoln Myth” by Steve Berry

The following books are in memory of Dan Warner and are presented by Susan Apaliski: “Superfood Kitchens” by Julie Morris and “Natural Companions” by Ken Druse

The following books are in memory of Joe Habersky and presented by Carol Kaleta: “The Ravenous Brain” by Daniel Bor and “Penguins: The Animal Answer Guide” by Gerald L. Kooyman and Wayne Lynch

The following books are in memory of Shirley Hanson and are presented by The Luncheon Class of Pittston High School—1953: “Yoga: The Art of Transformation” edited by Debra Diamond and “The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget”

The following books are in memory of Dorothy “Dot” Peiffer and are presented by Thad Wadas and Thad Wadas, Jr.: “Playing to Win at Bridge” by Ron Klinger and “Gary Brown’s Learn to Play Bridge” by Gary Brown

The following books on CD are in memory of Florence Hozempa and presented by FANN (Friends and New Neighbors): “Blossom Street Brides” by Debbie Macomber, “Shadow Spell” by Nora Roberts, “Forget Me Not” by Fern Michaels, “Be Careful What You Wish For” by Jeffrey Archer


The following books are in honor of Robert Nicely and presented by St. Paul’s Lutheran Church:, “Bald Eagles” by Lynn M. Stone and “Patriotic Fire” by Winston Groom

In honor of Fred the Bear and Jagamere the Dog, “Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So-Glam TV Star” by Rachel Renee Russell, presented by Emma Lynn Simon

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