Figuring out their future

First Posted: 5/10/2014

The “Circle of Pathways” Career Fair held at Dallas High School on May 7 offered students five career paths, each represented by two professionals available to answer questions from the 500 high school students who attended. Students had approximately two minutes to talk to each career presenter.

The Pathway cluster areas had charts guiding the students in the appropriate career possibilities based on their interests, what they are good at and what they enjoy. The charts also displayed sample career choices, as well as the amount of skills needed for each.

Dallas School District Career Awareness Coordinator Nicole Darling said the fair is new to the school with the first one held this past fall. Darling stated that attending the fair and speaking with three presenters is going to be “a requirement for their senior completion project” for freshmen and sophomores.

Dallas School District Career Counselor Julianna Borzell, whose father Jack was one of the presenters, tries to “figure out their personalities, likes and strengths” when helping students to decide what career path is best for them. Borzell also commented on how many more options are available in today’s society, as opposed to the limited opportunities of the past.

Freshman Rachel Maniskas, who is interested in physical therapy, stated, “I like the satisfaction of knowing that I can make a difference.” She added that she is glad to be able to “explore all of the career choices.”

Sophomore David Oley is “undecided and trying to figure out” his choice of career but is leaning toward teaching, specifically the “younger elementary school students.”

“I like the sciences and English,” he said.

Three freshmen, Emily Pellam, Blake Herstek and Mike Mesko enjoyed the fair’s offerings.

Pellam is interested in the medical radiology field and said the fair is a “good experience for high school students to see what they want to do.”

Herstek is interested in human services and is thinking of entering the field of psychology, as his grandmother did. “The fair is an easy way to see all the different fields,” he said.

Mesko, who is interested in visual arts and graphic designing, remarked that he enjoys “designing and creating.” He further stated that the career fair is an “eye-opening experience.”

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