Township cannot repair mailboxes

First Posted: 2/19/2014

The snow accumulation over the last few weeks is creating large snow mounds that are growing with every snowfall. The weight of the snow is causing mailboxes in the Kingston Township Right-of-way to be pushed over.

The township is not responsible to repair mailboxes toppled due to the weight of the snow. Mailboxes shall not encroach on any roadway in the township.

Residents are asked to be mindful when shoveling, blowing or plowing snow. Kingston Township Ordinance prohibits the deposit of snow and/or ice on sidewalks and streets in the township. Residents with a snow removal service are responsible to inform the driver/company of this ordinance. Habitual violators will be brought before the district justice and sentenced to pay a fine of up to $1,000 plus costs.

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