First Posted: 10/15/2014

Superintendent Frank Galicki called Monday night’s meeting of the Dallas School Board of Directors “Christmas in October” for district teachers. Over 20 teachers were present for the formal receipt of $17,727 from the Dallas Foundation, making it possible for 100% of its elementary school classrooms to be equipped with promethium boards.

The whiteboards allow educators to provide a technologically state-of the-art learning environment, which provide opportunity for interactive and “hands on” student centered learning.

Three of the classrooms will also receive an Ipad and Apple TV.

First-grade teacher Sandy McGrady said technological equipment received through the foundation turns ordinary classroom activities into a chance for learning.

Kristen Gattuso, foundation treasurer, said the Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit allows area businesses to contribute to educational entities while receiving a tax credit. The Dallas Foundation, as a non-profit agency, allows the district to access those monies.

Board member Colleen Slocum lauded district teachers for using technological tools to maximize learning and help students reach their potential.

In another matter, Galicki said several members of the board had an opportunity to participate in a state-wide Webinar recently addressing alternative funding for education. The event was sponsored by the Luzerne Intermediate Unit.

Board president Larry Schuler said Pennsylvania needs a “consistent statewide plan” that would allow districts to accurately anticipate annual funds to be received during the drafting of their budgets.

Board member Bruce Goeringer said the state should also consider alternatives to property taxes as a source of educational funding. He said the present system puts an inordinate burden on homeowners.

In another matter, Galicki said the parents advisory committee had recently met to discuss the stadium project, district options and housing startups within the district.

He said parents involved in the committee, representing all school buildings and demographics across the district, were “district ambassadors,” offering valuable input in regard to decision making and special projects.

The board also approved a $20,800 expenditure for maintenance of its Middle School Natatorium, calling the expense “absolutely necessary.”

In another matter, the district approved payment of $45,538 to Metz Culinary Management for monies held in error, from 2013-2014 invoices, discovered during its annual audit reconciliation process.

The next meeting of the Dallas School Board will take place on November 10th at 7:00 pm.

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