All in a day’s work

First Posted: 9/2/2014

Sister Mary Fellin loves the Dallas Post Office and its staff. Not only have they delivered her mail in a timely and accurate manner, letter carrier Melissa Myles, of Sweet Valley, came to her rescue on May 19 after a fall on her front steps.

Myles had finished delivering Sister Mary’s mai on Lake Street, Dallas, and was continuing on her route. Suddenly, she heard a “thump” and intuitively turned back, ready to help in any way necessary.

She found Sister Mary on the ground, having hit her heard and bleeding significantly. Without a thought, Myles sprang to action, getting rags to put pressure on the wound and slow the bleeding.

Myles credits Sister Mary with a strong, positive spirit

She said of Sister Mary, “She was amazingly calm; she said she was fine and wanted to walk.”

In spite of Sister Mary’s determination to brush off the incident, others insisted on making sure she was alright.

As luck would have it, an area nurse on her way to nearby Misericordia University was passing by and stepped in, offering her medical expertise.

She determined it was necessary to call an ambulance and transport Sister Mary to the emergency room, where, after a bit of attention and a few stiches, she returned to her home on Lake Street almost as good as new.

Sister Mary, embracing a servant’s spirit as she works with the homeless through Catholic Social Services, said Myles’ response reflects the willingness of residents of the Dallas area to assist others in need.

“Going to the post office is a chance to visit with friends, almost like family,” said Sister Mary.

Postmaster Melissa Berti, who started her career as a letter carrier, couldn’t be more proud of her staff at the post office, including Myles.

“Our letter carriers are a real presence in the community, often providing an added sense of security to area residents,” said Berti. “Recently, one of our carriers observed a vehicle believed to be involved in a series of break-ins and was able to provide valuable information to the police who were investigating.”

Berti said Myles’ willingness to help was consistent with the excellent work performance she has exhibited during her years with the post office. She also credited her entire staff with going “above and beyond” as they are delivering mail.

“I get to know those on my route,” said Myles. “Year after year, I see the same kids going back to school and growing up; they’ve become like family.”

Myles often helps elderly residents along her route who might need groceries carried inside or simply a bit of positive conversation.

She also said being a letter carrier provides an opportunity to monitor older residents, making note if they don’t take in the mail for several days.

The post office staff also participates annually in the Back Mountain food drive.

Myles’ daughter, Rachel Hines, 10, was especially impressed by her mother’s bravery and often asks to go to work with her.

To Rachel, post office staff and Dallas residents, Myles is certainly a hero.

Sister Mary Fellin, a Dallas resident for 32 years, is eternally grateful. Her religious order, the Sisters of Mercy, wrote a letter commending Myles’ effort in assisting her. In response the Postmaster General issued an award to Myles, commending her effort presented to her by fellow staff members at the post office.

“Melissa is certainly a hero among us,” said Louis Franco, supervisor. “We were so proud that she received the award as a tribute to her service.”

Myles will also receieg an award from the National Association of Letter Carriers, which will be presented at the post office on Sept. 8.

Myles said of her job at the Dallas Post Office, “I like my job, I like my route, I like the people of this area.”

A smiling Myles even likes the dogs on the route. And, the dogs on her route like her.

“Most of the dogs are friendly and let me pet them,” she said. “Recently, one of our residents got a puppy and it was an exciting time.”

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