First Posted: 3/31/2014

Dear Editor:

I was reading my copy of The Dallas Post just now, and under the library column, I discovered that I have died, and books were donated in my memory by Dr. Debra Serfass.

My I assure you that I am very much still among the living, (even if I am 84), and I donated the books as a memorial to Dr. Debra Serfass who died last November. So far, no one has called my daughter to offer condolences for which I am grateful.

A few weeks ago a similar mistake listed a book in memory of Bob Nicely, as having been given by someone at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. Bob and his wife Kune have moved out of the area, but there were phone calls trying to find out when Bob died.

Are these mistakes coming from the Back Mountain Library, or is someone not copying from news releases accurately?

Hope you can find out and correct.

Ellie Rodda


(Editor’s note: The Dallas Post receives information regarding memorial/honor books from the Back Mountain Memorial Library and prints the information as it is received.)

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