Coming home to the Dallas Harvest Festival

First Posted: 9/15/2014

Father and daughter Tim and Laura Medeira enjoyed the afternoon together at the 12th Annual Dallas Harvest Festival, while tending their respective display stands.

This year’s Dallas Harvest Festival was held Sept. 14 on and around Main Street in Dallas and featured live entertainment, all kinds of stands offering food and crafts as well as fire truck rides. Hundreds of people liked the street during the annual festival, which acts as a homecoming for Back Mountain residents.

Laura’s stand was in front of the art studio owned by her grandmother, Sue Hand. She displayed tee shirts featuring memoirs from Back Mountain landmarks and Breaker Memorial notecards, among the studio’s other artistic items.

Tim’s WRGN, a Bible teaching radio statio, stand displayed information on “the good news radio” and its upcoming 30th anniversary on the air. Tim said the station, which serves most of NEPA and has six translators, brings “music that is encouraging for people and families like the Dallas Harvest Festival, which is also about families.”

Tim is the general manager at WRGN and Laura also worked there.

Family owned business Star Bakery, of Dallas, featured an assortment of freshly-baked goods, including Nigerian bread, very favorably received by all those who sampled it. Owners Charlie and Winnie Yukahan and their five children, of Dallas, run the bakery.

Carol Wall and her husband Jerry displayed Carol’s unique custom-made decorative wreaths. Carol’s crafts are available for purchase at Ah Some Chocolates in Shavertown. She is one of the Dallas Harvest Festival’s co-founders.

Michael and Lori Tilliger, of Lehman, held a basket raffle as part of a fun raising event to restore Harveys Lake’s Wintersteen Carousel. The carousel was a part of Hanson’s Amusement Park from 1915-1984. It is the goal of the Luzerne Foundation to bring the carousel home to the Back Mountain and have it on display at The Lands at Hillside Farms. Anyone interested in donating to the fund may call the Luzerne Foundation at 570-714-1570 and specify that their donation is for the Brass Ring Fund.

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