Foster home needed ASAP

First Posted: 6/9/2014

Poor Jonah tested positive for dreaded heartworm disease. Jonah has undergone treatment for the disease and needs to be kept quiet. After treatment, the worms begin to die andm as they die, they break up into pieces, which can cause a blockage of the pulmonary vessels and cause death. That’s why dogs have to be kept quiet during the treatment and then for several months afterward. Studies have shown that most dogs who die after heartworm treatment do so because the owners let them exercise, not due to the drug itself. The only way the disease is contracted is through the bite of an infected mosquito. Jonah is not contagious. You can literally save a life if you foster this guy. He is a great dog and we can just about guarantee you will fall in love. Of course, all expenses are paid by Blue Chip. Can’t you see this guy at your feet on your front porch or in front of a fire on a chilly winter night?

You can visit Jonah and his friends at



974 Lockville Road



Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.

Other hours by appointment

Call: 570-333-5265


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