First Posted: 8/19/2014

Lehman Township Solicitor M. J. Haley reported at the Aug. 18 supervisors meeting that he hasn’t heard of any problems or difficulties with regard to access for testing for the telecommunications tower in the area behind the township building.

After the meeting, Haley talked about some details of the township’s lease regarding the project.

“We have a lease in place,” Haley said. “(Cellco Partnership) requested access to the site to do some testing. They are required to do an environmental test to make sure there are no contaminants.”

Haley added the lease that the township negotiated calls for payments to start in January 2015.

Supervisor and Roadmaster Douglas W. Ide said the township is working on a drainage project on Lakeside Drive at Lake Silkworth.

“We’ll be there (working) again tomorrow and Wednesday,” Ide said. “The road will be closed from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. We still have two or three pipes to replace on that road.”

Once the drainage work is done on Lakeside Drive, the township plans to replace pipes on Smith Pond Road.

Ide added that paving will be done on the road sometime next year through Community Development Grant funds.

According to Ide, the township also did patch work on Meeker Road and Sando Terrace.

Ide added the county plans to abandon the bridge on East Salt Road and is concerned about the lack of sight distance exiting the road.

“They agreed to cut trees and cut the bank back to increase the sight distance,” he said. Everyone goes in that road, but no one exists the road because of the danger. If they take the bridge out, for the two families that live on that road, it would be their only way out.”

He has been encouraged by their progress improving the safety of the road but won’t know the total impact until the project is completed.

“They are doing a really nice job,” Ide said. “They have removed all the trees and are cutting the bank down so it mirrors the profile of the road. I can’t ask them to do anymore than they’re doing to increase the sight distance.”

Ed Jenkins, president of the Lake Silkworth Protective Association, asked the township for permission to install new stakes for the “Welcome to Lake Silkworth” signs that have been in place for 30 years.

“If you give us the size and purchase them, we’ll erect them,” Ide said.

In other business, Ide said the Back Mountain Food and Pantry Garden donated 230 pounds of produce to the Noxen and Back Mountain Food Pantry.

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