First Posted: 8/15/2014

20 YEARS AGO – 1994

A day of old-fashioned fun and games set the scene for the annual Irem Temple Family Picnic at the Country Club in Dallas, chaired by Gerald Hoover, Irem Oriental Guide. More than 500 attended the annual event for Shrine families enjoying games, pony rides, Irem fire truck and Irem’s renowned Clown unit. Planning committee members were: Recorder emeritus, Lawrence E. Pace; High Priest and Prophet, Alfred Luff; Irem temple Potentate, illustrious Sir Gordon E. Dussinger Jr.; and Recorder, Donald S. Anthony.

Eight Back Mountain women will be among the 600 tennis players participating in the United States Tennis Association League Tennis Middle States Sectional Championships at Veteran’s Park, Trenton, NJ next week. Back Mountain players are: Mary Ann Knapp, Kim Morris, Wanda Thomas, Maryann Kelly, Glenda Crabtree, Linda Hurwitz, Aileen Miller and Mary Wasser.

The Irem Women’s Golf Association recently completed its women’s club championship, consisting of three rounds of medal play in four flights. The winner of the tournament and 1994 Irem Women’s Club Champion was Sis Ertley, who shot a total of 254 for the three rounds to claim her 14th championship. The runner-up was Mae Smith who scored 262 for the tournament.

30 YEARS AGO – 1984

College Misericordia Circle K club will sponsor a Cabbage Patch Costume Contest at the Luzerne County Fair in September. Dolls will be judges in the following categories: prettiest, best dressed, most original, most historical and funniest. Committee members are: Johnna Chiumento, Charlene Santarelli, Jo Lynn Para, Michael Jalowiec, Leah Materna, Debbie Parry and Scott Clemow.

The Back Mountain Jay-C-Ettes held their annual Membership Night recently at the home of Mary Jo Shisko, Harveys Lake. Theme of the night was a “Shish Kabob Party” and members and guests enjoyed dinner followed by a short meeting and games. Attendees included: Deb Kocher, Belinda Yanchik, Michele Ranson, Connie LaJeunesse, Rose Burleigh, Millie Brady, Rosemary Hozempa, Mary Jo Shisko, Debbie Dinger, Debbie Bayer and Tina Urban.

40 YEARS AGO – 1974

Valerie Hayden won the girls’ tennis lesson tourney recently held at the Dallas recreation Center. Pat Shuleski was the instructor for lessons which also included boys and women. Gary Ell won the boys’ tourney.

Francis J. Barry, Dallas, has been promoted from assistant cahier to assistant vice president at the Dallas Office of United Penn Bank. A graduate of Dallas Borough High School, Mr. Barry began his service with the institution in 1948, when it was known as the First National Bank of Dallas.

The Lake-Lehman High School cheerleaders have just returned from the Pocono Sports Camp where they received awards for their performance. The girls were presented with four outstanding ribbons and one for excellence. On the second day of camp, the group was awarded the “Spirit Stick,” the camp symbol which is given for highest spirit. Campers included Janine Stacey, Renee Hart, Laurie Osborne, Renee Harabin, Janet Hutchins, Colleen Kasenchak, Patty McGrath, Kelly Dobinick, Margie Wolensky and Cheryl Hoover.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964

Two Dallas boys were honored this year by being accepted at a well-known private boarding school for boys who have lost their fathers, Girard College for Boys in Philadelphia. They are Albert George Stredny, 6, son of Mrs. George Stredny of Lower Demunds Road, and Andrew Stash Jr., 6, son of Mrs. Andrew Stash of Davenport Street.

A picnic was held for Lehman-Jackson Minor League baseball team at Harveys Lake Rod & Gun Club last weekend. The boys enjoyed an afternoon of games, including a father-son baseball game. Attending were: Gary Ide, Ronnie Dubil, Jerry Miner, Jeff and randy Cornell, Ronnie and Gene Bertram, Steven and Scott Grimm, Joe Cole, Kenny Scott, Tommy Onzik, Keith Bicking, Jimmy Cook, Stan Easton, Harold Honeywell, Jeff Hosle, Albert Agnew, and Bill and Mike Frey.

60 YEARS AGO – 1954

Loren Keller of Keller’s Garden, Idetown, has been named chairman, and Frank Jackson, flower fancier of Harveys Lake, judge, for the twenty-first West Side Flower Show to be held in the Forty Fort Methodist Church Thursday and Friday. Other local people connected with the show are Mrs. Ada Marlot, Trucksville, sectional co-chairman, Mrs. James Harrison and Miss Laura Smith, Huntsville, chairman of roses, and Mrs. Raymond Walter of Idetown, chairman of house plants.

Nancy Elaine Eggleston, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alva Eggleston of Vernon was elected “Miss Irem Temple of 1954” at the annual Shrine family picnic held last Wednesday at the Country Club. Nancy who likes to sing and play the piano is seven years old.

James Jones, Dallas Little League manager, and frank Thompson took a group of boys to Williamsport on Saturday where they saw Masontown defeat West Union for State champion in the Little League play-offs. In the group were Bobby Cross, James Thompson, Ellis Weaver, Jimmie Jones, Murphy Hislop, Charles Weiss, Al Dendler, Eddie Coolbaugh, Peggy Jones and Phylis Thompson.

70 YEARS AGO – 1944

Mrs. Albert Ide entertained members of her bridge club at the home of her mother, Mrs. F.U. Zimmerman, Lehman, last week. Present were: Mrs. William Elston, Mrs. Allen Major, Mrs. George Lewis, Mrs. George Stolarick, Mrs. H.G. Bland, Mrs. A.B. Simms, Miss Muriel Zimmerman and the hostess.

Mrs. George Stolarick entertained members of her pinochle club at her home in Lehman Thursday evening. Present were: Mrs. Clyde Cooper, Mrs. Alfred Bronson, Mrs. Edward Elston, Mrs. Francis Lewis, Mrs. Lewis Ide, Mrs. John Sidler, Mrs. Bryce Major and the hostess.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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