First Posted: 2/28/2014

Mary Bartos, of Harveys Lake, owner of Amore and Bridal Trinkets in Shavertown, said this time of year is always busy for her business, heading into the first communion and wedding seasons. This year, however, is especially busy as at the same time, she is preparing for a new opportunity in her career: a jewelry commission for New York Fashion Week, a major bi-annual fashion show held in New York City.

Bartos was commissioned by Darius Wobil, of the fashion line Saint Wobil, as exclusive couture designer for 40 models in the upcoming event in September.

“That’s really exciting for me,” she said.

But whether she’s getting ready for a big fashion show in New York City, designing a custom necklace for a bride or hosting a jewelry-making party for Girl Scouts, Bartos said the two best aspects of her job are her customers and the creativity.

“It’s the people,” she said, “and how they get me to think out of the box. I love a challenge.”

The shop, which opened in 1990 and is located at 29 W. Center St., was re-done in recent years to be more “outside the box” of what one might expect from a bridal store. This, Bartos said, is because the store isn’t intended only for brides. The first floor is filled with a variety of merchandise, from every-day scarves to both modern and traditional styled jewelry for special occasions. And on the second floor, customers will find communion veils, wedding toast glasses and various bridal trinkets.

Bartos said one unique aspect of the business is its ability to cater to everyone – no matter their style, size and price range.

“Whether you have pierced ears or clipped doesn’t matter,” she said, later adding, “People come in and, whether they’re really thin and wear a size 2 or they wear a 22, we’ll have something to fit them.”

She recalled one customer who, during a recent shopping trip, found a necklace of which she liked the design but not the long length. Bartos said she customer left with the piece after it was turned into a bracelet and earring set.

This flexibility, Bartos said, is another unique aspect of her business.

“A lot of my designs are one of a kind,” she said. “When I create a special look, it’s just that customer’s look.”

But, she added, her prices don’t reflect those stereotypical of an item that was “custom made.”

“You get the custom look,” she said, “but the price is wholesale.”

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