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First Posted: 9/4/2014

“Horses,” 4-year old Logan Faulkner, of Sweet Valle,y exclaimed when asked what he liked the most about the Trinity Learning Center. That could have been because he had just gotten off a pony ride while attending the school’s Get Acquainted Picnic held the grounds of the Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Approximately 80 students and their parents were in attendance for face-painting, tie-dying, ice cream and, of course, pony rides.

Logan’s mom Jodi can attest to the teaching skills offered at the Back Mountain school.

“In the three years, Logan has been here, he has learned his ABCs, can count to 15 and write his name,” Jodi said. “Mrs. Guyette has been a real asset working one-on-one with him.

Logan’s younger brother Aiden, 2 ½, is also a student at the Learning Center.

Josh Yoh, of Dallas, has his 3-year old daughter Sadie enrolled at the school this fall. Yoh is looking forward to having Sadie socialize with other children as well as learning how to write and recognize numbers and letters.

Heather Thomas, of Dallas, has her son Ayden in the pre-school program for the first time.

“Ayden’s father Corey went here 20 years ago and I’ve heard very good reviews from the community on the program here; we’re looking forward to it,” Thomas said.

School aide Carla Decker, of Lehman, has been working at the Trinity Learning Center for 1 -years.

“The kids make it enjoyable,” Decker said. “We try to help them improve writing their name along with sounds and phonics.”

It’s all in the family for the Deckers as Carla’s daughter, Alexa, is also a staff member.

“It’s very educational as they learn their letters and numbers and they do fantastic projects,” Amy Haydu, of Dallas, said of the students. Amy’s daughters Skyler, 3, and Sidney, 4, are currently enrolled at the center.

Diane Kerestes, director and faculty member, is in her 22nd year at the Trinity Learning Center, which follows the Dallas Area School District schedule.

“We want the children to feel good about themselves; we want them to learn, to share and to socialize with each other,” Kerestes said about the school’s year-long objective.

In addition to learning, the school schedules plenty of activities each month. The learning center also invites speakers to visit the school throughout the year as well.

“We are just a small school with a really close-knit staff that loves the students,” Kerestes concluded.

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