First Posted: 1/2/2014

20 YEARS AGO – 1994

Six employees of The Meadows complex in Dallas have given a dozen gallons of the most precious substance on Earth to perfect strangers. They have donated at least a gallon of blood each, making them members of the Gallon Club, an elite group of people who have donated at least that quantity. They are: dietary assistant Eric Traver, nursing home administrator Tom Sweeney, maintenance supervisor Andrew Novak, nursing assistant Barbara Charucci, Mary Ann Fosko, R.N., and activities assistant Nancy Space.

The Dallas Middle School Student Council recently completed its annual food and fund drive for the benefit of the Back Mountain Food Bank. The campaign was highly successful, with 35 large boxes of food and a cash donation being given to the organization. Student Council members include: Jennifer Vodzak, Erika Knappman, Larry Lettie, Anne Bishop, Jennifer Moran and Vivien Riley.

30 YEARS AGO – 1984

Visitors passing the Meadows Geriatric Complex in Dallas may have wondered who was responsible for the original Christmas artwork situated above the porticos to the Meadows Apartments and Meadows Nursing Center. Well, Santa’s elves they were not; but five very talented men they were. The quintet, which spent countless hours designing, building and painting the holiday decorations, consist of Herb “Mayor” Phillips, Don Williams, George Bartorillo, Bob Franc and Wilbur Hoyt.

A Campbell’s Label education contest was held recently at Dallas Township School. Winners included Danny Moses, Ronnie Moses, Bridget Temperine, Janet Panek, Adam Nicely and Katie Campbell.

Dave Thomas of the Dallas basketball team was honored Friday evening prior to the game against Seton Catholic. Thomas, a senior, scored the 1,000th point of his scholastic career in the season opener last Tuesday.

40 YEARS AGO – 1974

More than 100 staff and guests attended the annual holiday party of Smith, Miller and Associates Inc. at the Kozy K Restaurant, Route 309, Ashley. Some of those attending included Mr. and Mrs. Scott Shuster, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Trumbower, Sweet Valley; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bartlett, Oak Hill; and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith, Dallas.

Gate of Heaven’s Parent-Geacher Guild sponsored a Christmas item sale during the months of November and December. Prizes were awarded to the students who sold the most items. Winners are: Kim Ellsworth, first place; Walter Geffert, second; Richard McEntree, third; Betsy Moosic, fourth; Billy Dollard, fifth; Jackie Gula, sixth; Brian Muldoon, seventh; Seana McDonald, eighth; Stephen Strumski, ninth; Mark Stredny, tenth; Eileen Voitek, 11th; John Luksic, 12th.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964

William Rineman, Fernbrook, was honored last Thursday when he received the 25 year veteran’s jewel from Noble Grand Thomas Roberts of Toby Creek Lodge 1078, Trucksville. Rineman received the outstanding award for 25 years of perfect attendance as a member of the local fraternal organization.

“The Silhouettes,” a junior High Combo, will play for the Junior Hi Canteen on Friday evening at the Back Mountain Y.M.C.A. Members of the Silhouettes are Rick Ash, vocalist; Jimmy Taylor and Jimmy Balavage, guitars; Jack Updyke, drums; Dale Rozelle, electric piano; and Roger Maury, saxophone.

60 YEARS AGO – 1954

Seven second graders from Mrs. Antoinette Mason’s room, Dallas Borough Elementary School, toured The Dallas Post Monday morning, spending half an hour in making the rounds of the front office, composing room, press room and bindery. The seven, Flicky Booker, Woody Crouch, Wesley Cave, James Davis, Paula Scott, Richard Love and Jacqueline Churry were members of the press committee.

Carverton Methodist Church is laying plans for its centennial, to be held in March, with Charles Parrish appointed general chairman. On the committee for getting out a booklet of historical matter pertaining to the church are: Mrs. John Dana, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Gay, Adam Young, Herbert Knorr, Mrs. Rose Sax, George Pollock, Katherine Hefft, and Mrs. Minnie Michaels.

Eighth grade students of Gate of Heaven School enjoyed an ice skating party at the cottage of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Waldow, Mountain Lake, on Sunday. Father Kane drove the bus and furnished the transportation. Present were: Carol Thomas, Ruth Waldow, Ruth Kavanah, Catherine Shonk, Monica Polachek, Marianne Parsons, Francis Kozich, Joseph Kowaleski, Joseph Blazes, Robert Jones, Robert Blessing, Donald Gavigan, Girard Stoner, John Nothoff, John Sidorek, Arthur Campbell and Leo Letner.

70 YEARS AGO – 1944

Dr. W.L. Lanyon, of Shavertown, pathologist at Nesbitt Memorial and Wilkes-Barre General Hospitals, gave an interesting historical and technical discussion of blood plasma and its collection and use on the home and active war fronts at the meeting of Dallas Woman’s Club, held Wednesday night at Lundy’s.

Betty Lou Griffith was elected president and Eunice Swank, vice president of the Home Guards at their meeting in the White Church in the Hill, Monday afternoon. Other officers elected were: John Cashmark, treasurer, and Billy Eckert, secretary. The Home Guards are made up of boys and girls up to the age of 15 years. Mrs. Lawrence Swank is leader.

The Dallas Post is 124 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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