First Posted: 6/19/2014

20 YEARS AGO – 1994

Eleven winners have been named in the “Everybody Loves a Coloring Book” contest in which they colored a Back Mountain “Color & Read” book. The book features illustrations by students in grades kindergarten through sixth grade of famous scenes from the back Mountain and surrounding areas. Winners are: Preschool – Ashley Feher, 1st place, Alex Slocum, runner-up; Elementary (k-4) – Sharon Rosa, 1st place, Matthew noble, runner-up; Middle School (5-8) – Julie Eckert, 1st place; High School (9-12) – Lori Buzin, 1st place; Young Adults (18-39) – Tracey Reese, 1st place; Mid-Life Crisis (40-59) – Linda Ondish, 1st place; Older Kids (60-109) – Dolores Daily, 1st place, Thelma Russ and Lowry Puckey, runners-up.

At the 1994 Lake-Lehman National Honor Society induction ceremony, the four seniors with the highest averages were honored. They are: Tami Norwig, Julie Demidovich, Natalie Karpinich and John C. Link.

30 YEARS AGO – 1984

Gina Major, a former resident of Dallas and a 1976 graduate of Lake-Lehman High School, was crowned Miss Pennsylvania Saturday evening, after dreaming of winning that title for many years. Miss Major, 25, will now represent the state of Pennsylvania in the Miss America contest in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Dallas Lions Club held its installation of officers and new members last Wednesday at the castle Inn, Dallas. New members are Walt Lubinski and Joe Bren. Officer are: John Delvecchio, president; Mike Piskup, first vice president; Tom Bly, secretary; Tom Bagley, treasurer; Dave Simon, Lion tamer; Walt Lubinski, Tail Twister; Irv Berger, second vice president; Bob Fino, third vice president; Paul McCue, fourth vice president. Directors are Drew Fitch, Bill Roman, Frank Rollman, Joe Canfield and Bill Tabor.

40 YEARS AGO – 1974

Brownie Troop 623, Gate of Heaven School, recently held its Fly-up ceremony in the school cafeteria. Members of the troop who presented a skit at the ceremony included: Donna McDermott, Maria Schleich, Ann Marie Novicki, Michelle McGraw, Honor Gless, Ellen Joyce, Ann Crisci, Lori Ann Novicki, Heather Gless, Paula Covert, Marie Voitek, Denise Sitkowski, Lisa O’Neil, Tracy McDermott, Susan Stravinsky, Lisa Pagliante, Michelle Fabian, Jean Zajkowski, Carol Jones, Jill Selinski and Suzanne Kearn.

Westmoreland Elementary School pupils recently participated in a Play Day which included teams competing in kickball, bowling, hopscotch, horizontal bar, ring toss, basketball, horseshoes, broad jump, dodge ball, relays, dashes, waffle ball, hit the cans and bean bag toss. Members of the winning team were: Nanette Rondinella, James Martin Michele Wallace, Daron Lynn, Janine Wertman, Kenneth Gronski, James Godwin, Debra Piro, Anne Palmentera, P.J. Connolly, Joanne Watchulonis and Suzanne Gomba.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964

Back Mountain Hammond Organ Society met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Yoder, Sweet Valley. The members planned a picnic for next month. Participants included Mr. and Mrs. Richard Britt, Mrs. Ethel Gelsleichter, Thomas Kane, Mr. and Mrs. R. Willard Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Fred V. Swanson and Mr. and Mrs. Burl Updyke.

Harry Walter, Beaumont, received a statuette upon being chosen Lion of the Year at a Ladies’ Night Dinner held Friday evening at Hanson’s, Harveys Lake.

Calvin Strohl was named fire chief and J. Weston Ruff, president of Noxen Fire Company at a meeting of the group Monday evening. Fred Schenck will serve as assistant fire chief and vice president of the organization; Earl Richards, secretary; Jacob Miner, treasurer; Dave Fritz, librarian; Nathan Straley, engineer; and Francis Schenck, trustee.

60 YEARS AGO – 1954

Chairmen of Gate of Heaven Fiesta, scheduled for this weekend, have worked up some unusual features. A parcel-post sale is planned, with contributions expected from far-distant places and famous people. There will be a baked goods contest in which women of the area are invited to participate. Committee members: William Morgan, general chairman, Rev. Francis A. Kane, honorary chairman, Frank Ferry, Rev. Richard Frank, Dr, Louis Vitale, Fred Youngblood, Walter Black, Robert Laux, Joseph Simpson, Joseph Hudak, Steve Pavlick, Walter Weir, Joseph Polacky, William Donachie and William Carroll.

Harveys Lake Girl Scouts, Troop 65, met at Ricketts Glen last Monday for the last regular session of the year. Present were: leaders, Mrs. Ray Harvey and Mrs. Floyd Milbrodt; Doris Casterline, Charlotte Bidding, Susan Dodd, Grace and Linda Grey, Grace and Ray Ann Harvey, Barbara Hennebaul, Paulette Loomis, Margaret and Mary Charles McHose, Patsy Swire and Terra Milbrodt.

70 YEARS AGO – 1944

Youngsters on Davis Street, Trucksville, are having the time of their lives since Barrie Edwards and Faith Elaine, children of Mr. and Mrs. D.L. Edwards, have acquired a new pony named Betsy. The Edwards tennis court has been converted into a paddock and Betsy is stabled in an earth-sided barn with a canvas canopy for a roof. Betsy is having a great time too, even though her young master claims, “I bet we’ve driven Betsy almost a thousand miles a night since we’ve had her!”

Chief of Police Walter Covert of Parish Street was guest of honor at a birthday dinner on Monday. Chief Covert celebrated his 73rd birthday anniversary. Present were: Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Covert and sons, Harry and Junior, Mrs. Ivy Jones, Margaret and Betty of Dallas; Mrs. Hazel Bogart and Kathleen of Shavertown; and Mrs. Arline Covert of Forty Fort.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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