DES students use Super Bowl theme to collect food

First Posted: 2/3/2014

Regan Palfey’s and Michael Viglone’s third-grade classes at the Dallas Elementary School recently held class elections. Their class representative teamed up and came up with a creative way to do a food collection for the Back Mountain Food Pantry. Miss Palfey’s class was the Seahawks and Mr. Viglone’s class was the Broncos. The class with the most donations in a week were to be an indicator of who will win the real Super Bowl. The Seahawks won in their drive.

Miss Palfey’s class representatives are Ben Carpenter, president; Olivia Martin, vice president; Jordan Nichols, judge; and Chloe Fosko, secreary.

Mr. Viglone’s class representates ae Parker Boleta, president; Ryan Borten, vice president; and Anderson Leo, campaign manager.

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