Antique children’s books on display at library

First Posted: 12/17/2014

Carolyn Oravitz, of Harveys Lake, will display her antique children’s books collection during the month of January at the Back Mountain Memorial Library.

Her collection consists of the now famous 1930 Elson Pre-Primer Reader with the well- known story characters of Dick and Jane.

Several other books that will be on display date back over 120 years. The oldest book is Pollard’s Synthetic Third Reader which dates back to 1890. This book contains 80 short stories and poems with a vocabulary list at the beginning of each story.

Another antique book includes English, Greek, Russian, American Indian and Hindu fairy tales. When viewing the collection, one will be able to see some of the delightful illustrations as Carolyn has made framed copies of them for the display.

Many of these antique books belonged to Carolyn’s relatives who have passed away and some were purchased at antique sales. Carolyn, a school teacher for years, pointed out the quote in the teacher’s edition of Fun with Dick and Jane which stresses the importance of “awakening keen interest in reading and stimulating a strong desire to learn to read effectively.”

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