She’ll be on the golf course

First Posted: 8/27/2014

Amelia Grudkowski thinks she has a friend ready to join her this year.

Whether or not she gets a second girl to join the 30-plus boys in the after-school golf program at Good Shepherd Academy in Kingston, the 11-year-old is likely to be found on the golf course this fall.

Amelia, who started sixth grade this week, was the only girl in the program last year as a fifth grader. For six weeks each in the fall and spring, Good Shepherd students met each week at Lehman Golf Course after school to play nine holes.

The young Dallas resident called those days at Lehman her favorite times on the golf course, but they were not the only ones.

Amelia recently completed her second summer on the Anthracite Golf Association Junior Tour as one of the few regular competitors in the Division II girls’division that plays nine-hour tournaments throughout the summer.

On a tour where two other Dallas golfers were prominent – Logan Paczewski won four tournaments in Division II boys and Alexis Wyandt used a series of high finishes to qualify for the Division I girls Tournament of Champions – Amelia played with older girls and posted a second- and two third-place finishes in the division for 11-14-year-olds.

In addition to heading to different courses with the AGA Tour, Amelia traveled to Fleetville and Scranton in Lackawanna County on alternate weeks to take part in the Scranton-Pocono LPGA-USGA Girls Golf Club. The extra miles helped put her in the only setting where she gets to share the game with larger groups of girls around her own age.

Amelia took her first lessons at Fox Hill Country Club at age 7 and played on a course for the first time a year later. At that point, simply being able to take a ride in a golf cart was exciting.

Now, she is working on improving her game.

“Sometimes I top the ball, so I’m trying to learn how to keep my head down and improve on that,” said Amelia, who has shown the most progress with her driver and hybrid club.

Amelia also plays soccer and hopes to eventually resume tennis, which she also enjoyed. In addition to her sports participation, she has received many awards for her artwork.

“Art is really fun for me because I get to express myself in it,” she said.

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