Trinity Church women love to knit and pray

First Posted: 9/8/2014

On any given Wednesday morning, the women of the prayer shawl ministry at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Dallas can be found in the church parlor doing what they love to do best: pray and knit. To date, they have made and given away several hundred prayer shawls to those in need of care and comfort during a time of illness or bereavement. Since May, they have made 75 lap robes and 12 more prayer shawls to be given to various groups. They took 30 lap robes to the Interfaith Tea for distribution, 25 to the Meadows Nursing Home and 15 to the Mercy Center Nursing Home. They have also delivered 12 prayer shawls to Candy’s Place. From left, are Audrey Lockhart, Alice Kocher, Catherine Bolinski, Barbara Rogers, Ruth Glahn, Meryl Davis, Rev. Kathy Jamhoury and Carol Hobbs.

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