Northmoreland Twp. Fire Fund Drive underway

First Posted: 7/21/2014

In 1981, Northmoreland Township Volunteer Fire Company (Station 140) was founded by a handful of devoted men and women in response to the growing need for emergency services in the area.

The fire company serves the communities of Center Moreland and Vernon in Wyoming County and provides assistance to much of the surrounding area. Firefighters who belong to the company respond to any and all situations where they might be needed, such as house fires, rescues, flooding, storms and motor vehicle accidents.

“Our firefighters do an amazing job when responding to the scene. They carry pagers that when activated often interrupt a work day, family time, or sleep,” said Chief Chuck Story.

The 2014 Northmoreland Township Volunteer Fire Company annual fund drive is now underway. Businesses and residents are asked to make a tax-deductible contribution to aid the only emergency services provider for the township. Proceeds are used to cover annual operating costs such as equipment, training, fire apparatus, fire station utilitie and insurance.

“It costs over $10,000 to properly equip each firefighter,” said Jim Gilpin, president of the local fire department. “Our time and services are free, but our equipment, training and apparatus expenses are not.”

Both Gilpin and Story are lifelong residents of Northmoreland Township.

“Providing fire protection for our community is a united effort and once a year during our annual direct-mail fund drive, we ask businesses and residents for financial support,” said Gilpin. “We strive to convince more of our neighbors to contribute, and when they do, they are helping us to provide this vital service to the community.”

Northmoreland Township Volunteer Fire Company is one of a very few fire companies in the area that do not receive any tax dollars from a fire tax from the municipality, something agreed upon by fire company founders 33 years ago.

Gilpin is one of the original founders of the fire company. “We left it up to the residents and businesses to support the fire company because we did not want to jeopardize them with tax concerns,” he said. “Providing a much-needed vital service was our primary goal back then and that continues to this day.”

“We’re not asking people to give more; we’re asking more people to give,” Story said.

Businesses and residents who wish to support the 2014 annual direct-mail fund drive may send their tax-deductible donation with name, address and phone number to: Northmoreland Township Volunteer Fire Company, 1618 Demunds Road, Dallas, PA 18612.

For more information please call Jim Gilpin at 570-333-4911 or email


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