First Posted: 12/18/2014

20 years ago – 1994

While completing the requirements for their Citizen in the Community merit badges, Boy Scouts from troop 281, Dallas, met with State Representative Phyllis Mundy. Attending were: Corey Pajka, Steven Butler, R.J. Barna, Anthony Yenason, John Cyprich, Daniel Wasserott, Floyd Mattie, Jonathan Bradbury, Lloyd Droppers, Michael Dancheck, Dave Neiman, Matthew Kutish and Joe Lech.

Mary Kay independent beauty consultant Sandra Husband of Kingston Township recently qualified as a team manager with Mary Kay Cosmetics, and has earned the free use of a red Pontiac Grand Am.

The Auxiliary of the Meadows Nursing Center, Dallas, recently donated five special wheelchairs to meet the needs of residents at the center and supplies for therapeutic activities. Auxiliary members include Josephine Besecker, Barbara Barakat, Louise Lamoreaux and Lois Keller.

30 years ago – 1984

Mrs. Cathy Tasco’s fifth grade class at the Dallas Intermediate School was recently awarded first prize in a door decorating contest held at the school. Members of the winning class are: Peggy Searles, Leah Lynch, Amy Merrill, Chris Williams, Jason Gainey, Wendy Vaughn, Jami Ambrose, Amy Nadzan, Megan Sheehan, Tamy Wortman, Lori Kraynak, Robin Achuff, Karen Wartella and Sherri Kaskey.

Members of the Harveys Lake Bassmasters collected canned goods this past weekend to benefit needy families during the holiday season. Participants included Ed Straka, Arnie West, Harold Honeywell and Gerard Lukachinsky.

The Newell family of Noxen was winners in the lighted display category in the Christmas decorating Contest sponsored by The Dallas Post. Members of the family include Stacie, Betty, Nikkie, Lisa and Rhonda.

40 years ago – 1974

Fred Weiss, Beaumont, supervisor of maintenance for Acme Markets Inc., was honored upon his retirement by his co-workers at a dinner held at Castle Inn.

Gate of Heaven auditorium will be transformed into a mini-version of New York’s Waldorf Astoria for the parish’s first New Years Eve Dinner Dance. General dance chairmen are Jack and Marianne Cleary; decorations – Al and Marie Bellas; refreshments – Ray and Julie Iwanowski; table arrangements – Tom and Jane Yoniski; tickets – Vince and Bridgette Correale.

50 years ago – 1964

June MacCloskey and Arnott Jones, of New Goss manor, are assisting in plans for the annual Christmas Party of Advertising Club of Wilkes-Barre to be held at Aldino’s Manor.

Three Back Mountain residents who are now attending Wilkes-Barre Business College recently served on the various committees planning the school’s annual Christmas social, the Mistletoe Ball. Sally Grove is serving on the Ticket Committee, Eilene Kocher and Marilyn Livezey on the Decorating Committee.

The Junior Choir and Church School members of Prince of Peace Episcopal Church held a Christmas Pageant last Sunday at the church. Soloists were: Gail Lacy, Mary Eppley, Janice Saddington, Clifford Kozemchak and Rhondelle Kellogg. Susan Strohl will play Mary and Carl Goeringer will play the part of Joseph.

60 years ago – 1954

Members of the Dallas-Franklin cafeteria staff and their guests enjoyed a Christmas Party Friday evening, with dinner at Don Evans Restaurant, and exchange of gifts at the hoe of the cafeteria manager, Mrs. Hayward Lancio. Present were Mrs. Lancio, Mrs. Mary Kamor, Verna Lamoreaux, Mrs. Lester Moss, Mrs. Wiley Veitch, Mrs. William Sarley and Mrs. Donald Ide.

A large group of choir members from Kunkle Methodist Church, under the direction of Howard Cosgrove, toured the areas Monday night singing carols to shut-ins, friends and elderly people. Entertained at the home of Mrs. Fred Dodson after the singing were: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Landon, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brace, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Elston, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Ide and Howard Cosgrove.

Country Couples Club enjoyed their Christmas Party in the Sunday School rooms, welcoming Santa Claus. Committee chairmen were Dr. and Mrs. Carlton Davies, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Fay Hopkins, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bulford, and Mr. and Mrs. Donald Johnson.

70 years ago – 1944

“Living Pictures” of Famous Paintings of the Nativity were presented at Trucksville Methodist Church under the direction of Louie Weigand Ayre, Organist and Choir Director of the church. Characters in the pictures were portrayed by: Morris Lloyd, Bruce Long, Warren Taylor, Mrs. B.C. Post, Mrs. Cedric Griffith, Thomas Ayre, Mrs. George Turn, John C. Lewis, Hazel Hughey, Mrs. Sheldon Bennett, Mrs. Charles Norris, Harry Mathers, Jackie Pritchard, Patty Roberts, Nancy Roberts, Jane Coolbaugh, Kathleen Smith, Nancy Karn, Betty Griffiths, Josephine Nichols, Marjorie Nichols, William Hewitt, Sims Hemenway, Harold Croom, Mrs. Robert Prideaux, Marion Gregory, Betty Roushey, Howard Ide, Jeane Houghwout, Herbert DeWitt and Lewis Roushey.

Mrs. James Sands was elected president and Mrs. Herman DeWolfe, vice president of the Anderson Sunday School Class at their meeting at Carverton Church last Thursday. Other officers chosen: Mrs. Donald Piatt, secretary; Mrs. Richard Prynn, treasurer; Mrs. Grant Croman, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. Edgar Sutton, teacher.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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