First Posted: 1/14/2014

From its outdoor patio and botanical gardens, to its indoor lounge and fine dining area, complete with an art gallery and large fireplace, The Beaumont Inn, 4437 Route 309, Dallas, provides a unique atmosphere to its guests, which is part of the business’ goal, according to owner Rob Friedman, of Dallas.

“Our goal is to combine atmosphere, food quality and service,” Friedman said, “to be the best place for fine dining in the area, and provide a beautiful setting for parties and weddings.”

“And have fun while doing all that,” he added.

The Beaumont Inn, which Friedman describes as “a beautiful building,” stands on 50 acres of property with Leonard Creek running through the back. Although just a five-minute drive from the center of Dallas, the natural and planned landscaping create a sense of seclusion.

Built in 1948 by Peter Masonis, purchased by the Vaskas brothers in 1957 and sold to the Harkins family in 1988, the inn was acquired by Friedman late in 2012. Its 10 second-floor rooms were renovated and decorated, each with a different style of furniture and decor. The fine dining area seats 80 guests and the lounge seats 40. When Friedman took over, he built the patio, terrace and gardens, which he said include over 250 different plants.

“When you’re in the back, it’s secluded,” Friedman said, “so it’s the perfect setting for dining, weddings or parties.”

When the ground thaws in the spring, the business plans to plant another garden, this one consisting of more than 20 varieties of vegetables and fruits. Executive Chef Jeff Huntzinger, of Shavertown, hopes to give garden tours in the summer, showing the planned 50-by-5o-foot plot.

“Our goal in the next couple years,” Huntzinger said, “is to be self-sustainable for produce. …to be a little more green-conscious. People are looking to know where their foods are coming from. During the day, you can walk through our garden and see where your dinner is coming from.”

He said one benefit of planting a garden on-site, in addition to the freshness of the produce, is the opportunity to grow foods which may not be readily available at the local market.

“There’s no comparison,” he said, “to picking your own vegetables in the morning and cooking with them that evening.”

The menu at The Beaumont Inn is an eclectic mix of dishes from around the world with an American and Back Mountain twist. Tuesdays are Italian nights, featuring traditional Italian specialties, from breads to homemade pasta and desserts. Thursdays are seafood nights, serving lobster, diver’s scallops, shrimp and various fresh fish dishes. The regular menu includes everything from New York strip steaks and filet mignon to duck breasts and Australian rack of lamb.

The menu does not fall short in its selection of alcoholic beverages, either. It recently added a wine cellar, and periodically hosts wine tastings. The next such event is scheduled for Feb. 19.

Friedman said the general manager, Tom Sobieski, of Shavertown, is a certified sommelier and “knows anything and everything about wines.”

Other key staff members at The Beaumont Inn include Liz Lynch, of Harveys Lake, innkeeper; and Nancy Kaminski, of Dallas, special events coordinator. Friedman said all of the management and most of the staff reside in the Back Mountain, adding to the community aspect of the business. The inn is also a member of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and the Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce.

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