First Posted: 3/18/2014

Three things Eli Kyttle enjoys most are family, people and work — the main aspects which sum up her life.

She and her husband, Lonnie Kyttle, own two businesses in the Back Mountain, which their son Cody and daughter-in-law Gina help run: Salon Nou Veau, 63 S. Gerald Ave. and CK’s, located next door to the salon. The family members, all of Sweet Valley, work together to keep both businesses running. While Eli spends the majority of her time working in the salon, she also cleans the Mexican restaurant everymorning.

“I’m always doing something,” she said. “Very rarely am I not doing anything. So it’s a lot of hours, but I like being busy.”

She added she could never do it without Lonnie, Cody and Gina.

The Kyttles opened Salon Nou Veau 14 years ago this April in the Twin Stacks plaza, near the current location. Eli said she worked in a similar salon when she lived in Florida and, upon moving to the area, desired the flexibility of owning her own business. Starting with the “bare minimum” and a lot of hard work, the business slowly gained momentum, until becoming the established salon it is today.

Salon Nou Veau, which Eli describes as “a salon with spa services,” offers a variety of services in different price ranges: hair care, ear coning, foot care, hand care/nails, waxing, skin care therapy and more. Eli said the business is currently in the process of re-making its price list, with the goal to include “a price for everybody.” She doesn’t want people to be turned away because they are unable to afford traditional salon prices.

Gina agreed the pricing is important, adding that the business even offers a special price for college students. She said another important part of the business is its employees.

“The people who work here,” she said, “make it a lot different [than similar businesses]. They all have their own touch on things.”

She explained the clients who come in all have their own unique personalities and so do the workers, who will help them leave feeling refreshed.

The business also places a major emphasis on maintaining a family atmosphere. Like CK’s, it is family owned and operated, the family hopes all its customers will feel comfortable in both establishments.

“It’s nice to have that connection,” Gina said. “You’re seeing familiar faces everywhere. It’s got a family feel.”

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