First Posted: 4/21/2014

20 YEARS AGO – 1994

The Mt. Trailblazer District of Northeastern Council of Boy Scouts recently held their races at the West Side Mall, Edwardsville. The following boys won in the Regatta Race: first place, Danny Piccilo, Pack #155, Trucksville; second place, Matthew Mark, Pack #281, Dallas; third place, Matthew Reschauer, Pack #281, Dallas.

Gate of Heaven seventh-graders Melissa Stevens and Jennifer Mace were recently identified as talented students in the nationwide John Hopkins talent search, in which they took the college board verbal, math and writing exams and scored as well as the average college-bound high school senior.

Julianne Karpovich, Angela Thomas and Amanda Munley, students of Zane Studio of Fashion/Charm, recently graduated from the Zane Charm Course for girls ages 3-6.

30 YEARS AGO – 1984

The Harveys Lake Women’s Service Club presented “The Girls of the Year” recently at their meeting held at Lake Noxen School. Eight girls were selected from the Lake-Lehman School District and honored for their scholastic and civic activities. Each of the young women spoke of their accomplishments and their future goals. Girls of the Year are Susan Dicton, Julie Napieralski, Debbie Haefele, Cathy Major, Janet McCarroll, Holly Swartz, Kellie Knapich and Bonnie Perrago.

The Dallas Township Elementary School recently held an Easter Candy Sale. Winners of the sales contest are: 1st prize, Ronald Moses; 2nd prize, Jennifer Gray; 3rd prize, Jason Mattey. In addition the following boys and girls were awarded prizes for high sales: Nicole Mazurek, Nicki Kozick, Kevin Mikula, Tommy Jesso, Janeen Seitz, Quentin Reese, Amy Layaou, Kathleen Krench, Kara Woztowicz, Amy Miers, Jeff Hozempa, David Bulford, Mike Wagner, Judy Kirkendall and Mike Handley.

40 YEARS AGO – 1974

“Sing!” is the title of the spring concert to be presented by the Dallas Senior High School Mixed Chorus and Dal-Hi Choristers this weekend in the high school auditorium. Accompanists for the concert are: Susan Haddle, William Cutter, Dorothea Anthony, Carol Evans and Dawn Morgan, piano; James Sapser, Gary Cutter, guitar; Gary Cutter, Bruce Ungar, Mary Ann Mariani, bongos; Marian Turner, Trudy Connor, flutes.

Gate of Heaven School, Dallas, recently held an art contest entitled, “God’s Beautiful World.” Winners in the contest included Kathy Rogan, Debbie Reese, Jim Purcell, Lecia McNelis, Maureen Connolly, Ramona Goble, William Zukosky, Karen Thompson, Lucinda Broghamer, William Scruitsky, Lauren Schleich, Teresa Kalnoskas, John Kern, Steve Kupstas, Ann Hozempa and Lorraine Sholtis.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964

Charles Newell, Noxen, won the Shakespeare casting rod, reel and line donated by Caddie LaBar for the biggest trout brought in to the Dallas Kiwanis Festival on Saturday. Newell caught the 21 ¾ inch beauty early in the morning at Bowman’s Creek.

Two prominent members of the Lake-Lehman Band were honored Saturday night during the band concert when High School Principal Anthony Marchakitus presented the John Philip Sousa Award to Jay Ruckel and Marguerite Hackling. Basis of selection was outstanding contribution to the success of the prize-winning band in musical performance, citizenship and leadership.

60 YEARS AGO – 1954

Judith Engelman, Lake-Noxen Township High School senior, is the first girl to be accorded the honor of election as Queen of the May. She was chosen by popular vote of junior and senior high school and members of the faculty on Monday. Her runner-up in number of votes, Carol Whitesell, automatically becomes Maid of Honor. The other fourteen girls in the senior class act as a Court of Honor.

Jack Kern, Billy Ward, Ken Kidd and Joe Schneiderite, freshmen taking the Vocational Agriculture Course at Lehman-Jackson-Ross Joint School, will explain the effectiveness of Warfarin in controlling rats and mice over station WBAX tomorrow morning at 9:15. Warfarin, a painless and powerful poison, is an excellent medium in exterminating these pests of farm and home.

Nancy Congdon, a Senior, and Zelva Ann Moore, a Sophomore at Dallas-Franklin High School, have been awarded certificates of merit for outstanding essays in an essay contest on Wyoming Valley History sponsored by the Historical Society of King’s College. Both girls did extensive research in connection with their papers.

70 YEARS AGO – 1944

Boys’ and girls’ basketball teams of Dallas Borough High School were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lundy at a dinner given in their banquet room Tuesday evening. Howard Hendricks, supervising principal of Lehman schools, was guest speaker and T.A. Williammee, toastmaster of the evening. Howard Tinsley, boys’ coach, was presented with the Back Mountain Championship Cup.

Helen Kocher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kocher, of Machell Avenue, has been named valedictorian of the senior class at Dallas Borough High School, with an average of ninety-seven and two—thirds. In second place as salutatorian is Clinton Brobst, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Brobst, of Pinecrest Avenue, with ninety-five and two-thirds.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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