First Posted: 3/19/2014

Council Vice President Tom Kehler reported that Conrad Electric has replaced the lighting system at the borough’s garage at a cost of $4,031. The current yearly electric bill is $3,500 but since the change, the yearly amount will drop to approximately $300, stated Kehler, reporting that in 15 months, the change will have paid for itself.

Kehler also announced that the new police patrol car will be on the road, and the car that is being replaced will be turned into a Zoning car. The zoning car will permit officials from that department to cruise around to make sure everyone is abiding by zoning laws such as not building without a permit etc.

Council has accepted Mayor Clarence Hogan’s letter of resignation from his seat on the Harveys Lake Municipal Authority. Hogan cited personal reasons for leaving the authority. Council has given approval for Judi Williams-Spagnuolo to fill Hogan’s seat on the authority.

Council has also given approval for Robyn Jones to join the borough’s Planning Commission. In addition, the number of Planning Commission members has been increased from three to five with two seats on the commission currently vacant.

In other matters …

* Council members Carole Samson and Amy Williams have been appointed as liaisons to the Harveys Lake Recreation Committee.

* Daniel Blaine, chair of the Finance Department, announced that the borough’s change over to Luzerne Bank has been “99% completed.” Blaine added that there is only one remaining account with PNC, the borough’s former bank and that account is anticipated to be closed in a month, according to Blaine.

* Blaine also reported that the electric bills for the recreation building have been very high and said there is nothing in the building to generate electricity, except for pipes in the holding tank and a heater. Blaine said that the heater was taken out and replaced with heater tapes, resulting in the electric bill dropping from $103 last month to $26 for the current month. Council President Michell’e Boice stated she is pleased with council’s budget strategies which are resulting in savings to the borough.

* Police Department chair Bill Hilburt said that the newly-hired police officers “are working out well” and the new police cruiser most likely will be available in mid-April.

* The borough’s Easter Egg Hunt will be held on Saturday, April 19 at the Harveys Lake Little League Field. Children ages 0-10 are eligible to participate. Prizes and food will be available at the event. For additional information, contact Mike Rush at 570-650-1844.

* The tentative date for clean up day, held in conjunction with Earth Day, is Sunday, April 27.

* Boice urges all borough residents to continue to get involved with GDAC (Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition) regarding the proposed frack water treatment facility in the area. For more information on GDAC, residents can visit www.gdacoalition.org.

* The next council meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 15.

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