Young poets create masterpieces

First Posted: 5/5/2014

Teachers Amy Thomas and Katie Ide assisted 31 young poets with the proper way to wear black berets during Lake Noxen Elementary Schoo’s “Poetry Café” on May 2. The berets were handmade for the students by Ide’s grandmother, Mrs. Pia Selecky, a retired Home Economics teacher.

The esteemed poets were K-third grade students with the school’s Title 1 reading program. Thomas and Ide organized the afternoon’s event.

Thomas explained that the idea of a poetry café came from Pinterest in April, National Poetry Month. The setting of Lake-Noxen’s Poetry Café was modeled after a true poetry café setting. The event was held in the school’s library, which was dimly lit, with an aroma of coffee, available for the audience, filling the air.

It was during the organizing of the lineup of the poets that first-grader Conner Smigielski asked, “Is this (the poetry café) going to be in the newspaper?” He followed his inquiry with “Where is the photographer; is there going to be a photographer?” The 6-year-old gentleman then described his poem, from the “I Wish” group of works written by the first-grade students. He continued his questions regarding the newspaper’s coverage of the event before being called to take his place in the lineup of poets. Smigielski’s mother, Melissa, is a fourth-grade teacher at Lake-Noxen Elementary School.

The kindergarten poets wrote a description of their favorite food.

Jayden Coole, chicken wings; John Gillen, apples; Alyssa Kohl, watermelon; Mason Mendygral, pancakes; Rennen Smith, pizzap Zachary Smith, macaroni and cheese; Jackson Norconk, halushki.

Green, brownish, blondish

Tastes so good

Crunchy, buttery, special ingredients

Stab it with a fork


Hunter Scouton, chicken nuggets

I like meat

And to peel the crust

Dip in barbeque sauce

Squishy, hot and steamy

Six is not enough. I need millions!

Reminds me of mom

Eat with soda, so good, sugary and icy

Busy bubbles in my mouth


Jacob Yatsko, popcorn

Salty, orange cheese

Crunch, tasty, 90% fat free

Eat two bowls, messy fingers

Microwave, crack, sizzle

Pop, pop, pop!

Timer bleeps.

The first-grade poets wrote aboutthings that they wish for. The theme of their group of works was “I Wish.”

First-grade poets were Joel Ayers, Ethan Brown, Madison Klemick, Mollie Kuhar, Jacob Parsons, Cameron Strauch, Astin Sutterer, Thomas Zurawski, Sadie Butler

I wish everyone would be nice and kind.

I wish I could see Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Ide every day until sixth grade.

I wish I could ride my horse down to Ethan’s house.

I wish every day was Saturday, so I could take a nap in the soft yellow and green grass.

I wish there were flowers everywhere.

Trinity Cheek

I wish I had a baby kitten.

I wish every day was Wednesday. I wish I had a lot of school. I wish that I had a lot of books to read at home, and to become a better reader.

I wish I had a lot of friends at school.

I wish nobody was sick.

I wish everybody had friends.

Conner Smigielski

I wish I had my own motorcycle.

I wish I had my own room.

I wish I could go to the beach.

I wish we could not have school.

I wish I could not be annoyed.

I wish I could have my own house.

Second-grade poets featured works in the category of “Poems about me.” Second grade poets were Mark Kucewicz, Justin Mitchell, Harmony Schell, Katelyn Tereska, Claudia Hopper

As pretty as a flower,

As loving as a family,

As friendly as a dog,

As tall as a giraffe,

Hair as long as Rapunzel,

Smiling all the time,

All of this is me!

Bryan Yaletsko

As honest as Abraham Lincoln

As funny as Snoopy

As goofy as Woodstock

As kind as Mom

That’s me!

Second-graders, with the exception of Claudia Hopper who was absent due to illness, wrote a second poem describing their favorite insect.

Mark Kucewicz, ladybug; Justin Mitchell, spider; Harmony Schell, butterfly; Katelyn Tereska, butterfly; Bryan Yaletsko, caterpillar

Third-grade poets choose two poems and were given the opportunity to create in free verse. They created two works. Third-grade poets and the title of their poems were:

Ben Bezek, baseball, grandmother; Colyn Carey, pear, Rosie; Domenic Johnson, mockingbird, monster; Allysa Shalata, amethyst, softball; Hailey Shaw, softball, Bailey; Ben Bezek, grandmother

Grandmother, you were nice

We were trying to take care of you.

It was sad when you died.

She is still watching me…

and listening.

Grandmother, you were loved.

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