Ruby is working hard to walk again

First Posted: 7/7/2014

Is this work or is it play?

The answer is both, for Ruby, an adorable 5½ pound Pug/Pekinese mix currently being taken care of by Marge Bart, owner of Blue Chip Farms in Dallas.

Eleven-year-old Ruby arrived at Blue Chip on June 4 because her former owner was no longer able to provide a home for her. Bart said that much of Ruby’s history is unknown, since the person who brought Ruby to Blue Chip is not her original owner.

“She suffers from severe arthritis. Also her hips are completely dislocated,” Bart said about Ruby’s condition. Bart said that the dog needs an operation to correct her hip condition, as well as to repair the tendons in her legs. “She was not strong enough for the surgery,”continued Bart.

That’s where Paul Hogan of Pawsitive Pup Canine Center in Plains got involved.

Hogan has agreed to give Ruby hydro-therapy five times a week and cold laser treatments four times a week, free of charge. Bart takes Ruby to her appointments at Hogan’s North River Street location.

“She loves to swim,” Bart stated and further added that Ruby wants to feel as though she is swimming on her own. “If we put her in a life jacket, she stops swimming. I have to hold her and then she will continue with her swimming.”

Ruby has made such progress with her therapy that her veterinarian has determined she is now strong enough for surgery. Ruby will undergo her surgery next week at Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center in Clarks Summit.

After the surgery, Ruby will still need post-operative therapy until she is fully healed. She will stay at Blue Chip Farms until she is adopted.

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