Motorcycle raffle nets $3,500 for Schilling Fund

First Posted: 10/6/2014

Dallas Township resident Chris Bittenbender, right, is shown here with Carson Ayers, of Tunkhannock, winner of a motorcycle raffle drawing held recently at the Kunkle Fire Hall. The raffle raised more than $3,500 to benefit the Jason Schilling Memorial Fund of the Luzerne Foundation, which annually awards a scholarship to a Dallas High School senior student/athlete and a community needs organization.

Bittenbender, a neighbor, friend and “mentor” to Schilling, who died tragically in an auto accident in December 2012. fully refurbished Schilling’s Kawasaki 125cc dirt bike and singularly set out to sell raffle tickets for one winner of the bike. He displayed the motorcycle at various retail sites, as well as at the Wyoming County Fair and two Back Mountain sponsored racing events. He sold over 700 tickets.

Ayers, a student at Mansfield University, purchased the ticket at Jennings ATV in Tunkhannock, the first business where the motorcycle was displayed.

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