First Posted: 10/10/2014

The following Back Mountain real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Oct. 6, 2014:

Alice E. Hodle to John A. Becker, John M. Davis and Stacie A. Koch, 30 Laekwood Drive, Lehman Township; $130,000

Carl Hackling, Deborah Chu and Bonnie J. Shingleton to Timothy M. and Lisa A. Johnston, two parcels, 465 Old Highway Road and State Route 309, Dallas Township; $120,000

Myrna Cantando to Eric and Tally F. Burdge, 8 Morris Circle, Dallas Township; $648,000

Luzerne Bank to Charles Jr. and Elizabeth Leo, 1075 Fairfield Road, Jackson Township; $241,000

Estate of Diane B. Baloga to Roy A. II and Cheryl A. Williams, 1263 Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake; $385,000

Douglas Gaudet and Melissa Duryea-Gaudet to James E. Murphy, 325 Bulford Drive, Jackson Township; $520,000

Ruckno Associates LP to Siegel Associates LLC, Memorial Highway, Dallas; $535,000

Richard E. Jr. and Denise Bernier Hann to J. David and Joan B. Roskos, 1560 Huntsville Road, Jackson Township; $190,000

Edward J. and Nancy E. Hann to Herigate Hills Estates Inc., 163 Davenport St., Dallas; $114,000

Anthony J. Kleynowski and Jan W. Kelly to Jon A. Franke, Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake; $410,000

Estate of Victoria R. Dorrance to Todd L. and Jennifer M. Adams, 301 Upper Demunds Road, Dallas Township; $90,000

Edward H. Gensel to Gary Michak and Courtney Burgess-Michak, 2157 Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake; $200,000

Priscilla Scovell to Paul B. and Deborah P. Casterlin, 58 Adj. Meeker Outlet Road, Lehman Township; $57,000

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