“Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?”

First Posted: 1/9/2014

“An African-American who fought for blacks so they could do the same things as white people.”

Gwen Tereska

Harveys Lake

“He gave a speech about the blacks and whites and got the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Ty Woodrosky

Harveys Lake

“There was a fight between blacks and whites and he would always fight with words, instead.”

Nicholas Sopko

Harveys Lake

“He said that blacks and whites should be able to be together and use the same water fountains.”

Alicia Nikbakht

Harveys Lake

“He spoke up for the black people and made life more fun for them.”

Courtney Tereska

Harveys Lake

“He stopped slavery and marched against it.”

Ethan Sult

Harveys Lake

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