First Posted: 12/4/2014

20 Years Ago – 1994

Junior Girl Scout Troop 624 recently toured Offset Paperback for a hands-on experience of how a book is made. The girls learned how a book cover starts. Participants were: Elizabeth Eby, Loni Piekanski, Carrie Cocolin, Samantha Dymond, Susan Dwinchick, Jessica Fields and Jessie Adkins.

The sixth grade science classes at the Dallas Middle School, as part of a unit on the Mesozoic era (Age of Reptiles) met Charles Yurkon, his daughter’s three-year-old iguana, Iggy, and his son’s two-year iguana, Sammy. Food, temperature and handling care are some of the topics covered by Yurkon. Enjoying the iguanas were: Karl Kvashay, Chuck Yurkon, Jennifer Yurkon and John Nackley.

Dallas High School graduate Matt Butler, a junior baseball player and Criminal Justice major at Mansfield University, was honored for being a Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference Scholar-Athlete during a luncheon at Manser Hall.

30 Years Ago – 1984

Eight members of the Fashion and Housing Class at Dallas Senior High School recently went on a field trip to New York City to further their knowledge of fashion merchandising, marketing and fashion history. They visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the exhibit of “Fashion Through the Ages” and the Fashion Institute of Technology to experience the latest in fashion design. Those participating were Connie Hughes, Ellen Belles, Beth Sitcavage, Christine Wisniewski, Kerrie Bonawitz, Brenda Harvey, Lori Falcone and Margaret Zajkowski.

The Dallas Intermediate School Chorus will present a one-act musical play entitled “Computerized Christmas” by Jill Gallina this evening in the auditorium of Dallas Junior High School. The program depicts Father Time, portrayed by Sam Gorgone, a sixth grader, purchasing a computer because he was informed it would be a time-saving deice for bringing in the holidays. Other cast members include Deann Simon, Thomas Heffernan, Leann Simon, Justin Reich, Kristen Gurdin, Mary Lou Baines, Jane Oh, David Knapp, Emily Russin and Shannon McDonald.

40 Years Ago – 1974

Charlene A. Demmy, a junior from Dallas, has been elected office manager and a member of the Board of Directors of WVBU-AM-FM, the student radio station at Bucknell University. A 1972 graduate of Dallas Senior High School, Miss Demmy is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Demmy, Lake Street, Dallas.

Turkeys, turkeys, everywhere! Visiting the Alex Rebar Farm recently, the children from the hilltop Nursery School were able to see and feed the real thing before eating the big bird on Thanksgiving Day. Participants included Lee Williames, Shannon Cleary, Ronald Post, Brent Snowdon, Jennifer Banks, Marla Parente, Traci Mazula, Amy Chamberlain, Eric Rosentel, Lindsey Krivenko, Karsten Krivenko, Rene Strauser, Claire Watchulonis, Judd Krivenko, and Amy Rosentel.

50 Years Ago – 1964

It was her first deer in the five years she’s been hunting, and Kay Hozempa is pretty happy about it. So are her husband, “Hosey,” known more formally as Ignatius, and her dad, Bill Phillips, Main Street Innkeeper. Kay got a 7-point, 148 pound buck with one shot from her .250-3000 Savage, hunting near their place in Lehman on opening day.

An Art Show by J. Philip Richards is now going on at Gallerie 20, Wilkes-Barre. Recent oils and water colors are included. R. Richards, now an art instructor at Wilkes College, was former art instructor at Dallas Junior High School, where his enthusiasm for his subject sparked many a student into performing far beyond his apparent capabilities.

Four outstanding senior girls, selected by the faculty of Lake-Lehman High School, were presented by Mrs. Charles Rood, at the Christmas meeting of Harveys Lake Woman’s Service Club held Wednesday evening at Lake elementary school. So honored were Jackie Hoyt, Mary Marchakitus, Susan Lamoreaux, and Gail Kelley.

60 Years Ago – 1954

For the fourth time, and twice in succession, the coveted Bronze Show football trophy went to Lehman-Jackson-Ross Township high school squad. The game with Dallas-Franklin Township decided the championship. Three teams contend annually; Lehman-Jackson-Ross, Dallas-Franklin; and Westmoreland. Squad members are: Stephen Andresko, Douglas Davis, Paul Goodwin, Ray Harned, Charles Hoyt, Ronald Jones, Jack Kern, Richard Lincoln, William Lopasky, David Nelson, Donald Nelson, Carl Newberry, Robert Norris, Glen Rittenhouse, Lewis Schultz, Ernest Slocum, Lewis Thomas, James Wandel, Donald Williams, George Yurko and Joe Schneiderite.

Elementary pupils of Dallas-Franklin Township School will present an operetta, “Red Candles” this Saturday. The main characters are being played by: Nancy Harris, Thomas Bozek, Annabelle Ambrose, Wesley Evans, Sandra Coon, Ralph Bellas, Mary Alice Knecht, Shirley Yalick, Teddy Montross, Beverly Race, Esther Jones, Susan Larish, Linda Hilgert, Charles Roberts and Rosemary Zekas.

Leading parts in the “Cross Patch Fairy” operetta at Lehman-Jackson-Ross auditorium tonight are taken by Beverly Erwine, Jane Olenitz, Don Burnett, Joseph Janosky, Janet Spencer, Sandra Boice, Linda Conner, Billy Sponseller and Judy Michael.

70 Years Ago -1944

It has been learned on reliable authority that the special representative of the Post office Department who was sent here earlier in the week to study the need for Sunday collections of mail from post offices of the back Mountain Region, will recommend such collections from the Dallas office. Similar recommendations cannot be made for the Shavertown and Trucksville offices which have a third class rating.

Mrs. Robert Scott was installed as president and Mrs. A.B. Simms as vice president of Lehman W.S.C.S. at their meeting ion the church basement Wednesday afternoon. Other officers: Mrs. Lewis Ide, recording secretary; Mrs. Ella Major, corresponding secretary; and Mrs. H.A. Brown, treasurer.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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