First Posted: 8/4/2014

20 YEARS AGO – 1994

Lake-Noxen Elementary School’s 1993-94 winners of the President’s Physical Fitness Awards received an award emblem and a certificate signed by President Clinton. Winners were: fourth graders Shelly Wentzel, Dawn Newell, Arron Visneski, Dwayne Kalinay, Angela Harris, Troy Long and Charlie Besteder; fifth graders Alyson Bevan, Jesse Bixby, Josh Schraeder, R.J. Frey, Joe Shurmaitis and Chris Navin; sixth graders Nicole Parsons, Jennifer Frank, Gary Sagan, Mack Newell and Jonathan Bird.

Dallas fifth graders Melonie Sappe, Rebecca Hadzor, Mary Dudascik, Jill Matley, Erica Harvey, Nick Russom, Lee Griffin and Heather Jones, students in Mrs. Nulton’s fifth grade English classes, have had their work selected to be published in the American Academy of Poetry’s Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans.

Celeste and Ashley Straub of Shavertown, have been notified that they have been selected to perform in Florida’s Disney World on August 15 on the Fantasy Faire Stage. Celeste, 12, is a member of the dance group “sizzle!” at David Blight School of Dance. Ashley, 11, is a member of the group “Twizzlers” at the same studio.

30 YEARS AGO- 1984

A piano and organ recital was held recently at the Trinity Presbyterian Church of Dallas. Participating students were: Lizzie Cerase, Kristine Kaleta, Debbie Kopec, Kelly Ann O’Reilly, Robyn Mizenko, Katie Cerase, Tammy Dickinson, Kim Kaleta, Maria Bigus and Cathy Bigus. The children are students of Mrs. Rosemary Calo of Trucksville.

Dot Sokolowski, of Davenport Street, Dallas, won first place in her class during a target shoot held this past weekend in Bloomsburg. Shooting her highest score since the late 60’s, Sokolowski advanced to the highest class in the barebow division.

40 YEARS AGO – 1974

The Dallas Reds of Back Mountain Little League Minors trounced the Shavertown Orioles 23-13 last week to chalk up a perfect season of 10 wins and no losses. Members of the undefeated team are: Kurt Garner, Scott Jobson, Jeff Bolinski, Gary Daley, Tad Radzinski, Rich Rodgers, Clarke Bittner, Darren Barba, David Rose, Craig Meister, Mike Kern, Gary Rost, Jeff Brady, Lee McCarthy and Jim Hagen.

The Bowmans Creek Lions Club played a donkey baseball game with the staff of radio station WARM last Wednesday evening to one of the biggest crowds ever seen at t he Lehman Horse Show Grounds. The game ended in a 4-4 tie and netted the club close to $1200 to be used for charitable projects. Team members included Lowell Roberts, Bud Mitchell, Richie Goodwin, Don King, Connie Higgins, Russ Transue, Clinton Kittle, Tony Botyrius, Harold Federicci, Bob Shilanskis, Warren Johnson, Cal Strohl, Ted King, Stanley Rygelski and Jack Dodson.

Walter Hennebaul, Back Mountain junior high school wrestler, has been awarded the Vince Degillio YMCA Scholarship. The award is presented annually t the YMCA wrestler who sows the most interest and promise in wrestling. It enables the winner to attend the wrestling clinic conducted by Larry Fornicola at Keystone Junior College, La Plume.

50 YEARS AGO – 1964

Mrs. Mary Dale assumed her duties as librarian of Back Mountain Memorial Library on Tuesday, as announced in advance by the Board of Directors at its July meeting in the Library Annex.

Dallas Rotary Club announces its second annual Fall Fair and Fashion Show which will be held September 18 and 19 on the Lehman Horse Show Grounds. Francis “Red” Ambrose has been named general chairman. One of the most popular events last year, the baby show, is scheduled for Saturday morning and will be headed by Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Hozempa.

Harveys Lake Yacht Club will hold its annual Mermaid Dance at Irem Temple Country Club later this month. Free grog will be served and an enjoyable evening is planned. Lee Vincent’s Orchestra will play for dancing. John Bourke, Trucksville, is commodore of the Yacht Club. Local committee members are Mrs. Stanley Hozempa, Mrs. Bourke and Mrs. Joseph Sgarlat.

60 YEARS AGO – 1954

Sheldon Mosier showed a long film on survival to Explorer Scouts Wednesday night, following a group of aircraft survivors through swamps, wooded enemy territory, high snow covered peaks, and across rivers with the aid of their E-1 survival kits. Present were: Bob Besecker, Bob Williamson, Bernie Hughes, Bill Butcher, Jack Berti, Woody Allen, Fred Anderson, Bob Piznar, Art Ellum, Joe Nothoff and Leslie Barstow.

Members of Dallas Woman’s Club Art Class met at the studio of Nicholas Cortiglio, Wilkes-Barre, Wednesday night. Present were: Mrs. Ivan Mitchell, Mrs. Robert Bachman, Mrs. Bart Collett, Mrs. George Flack, Mrs. J. Robert Graves, Mrs. James Hunt, Mrs. Dave Jones and Mrs. Edward Ratcliffe.

Mrs. Eugene Lazarus, Mrs. Malcolm Burnside, Rev. Ruth L. Underwood, and Mrs. John Daugherty will pour at the 14th annual tea given by Alderson Methodist WSCS Wednesday afternoon. The affair will be held at the home of Senator and Mrs. Newell Wood, Harveys Lake.

70 YEARS AGO – 1944

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mulcahy entertained at a wiener roast at their cottage, “Hill-Top,” Alderson, last Wednesday evening. Entertainment consisted of group singing led by Mrs. Mulcahy and readings by Dave Deater, Letha Jones and Mrs. Mulcahy. Present were: Mrs. Henrietta Deater, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Jones, Ruby and Letha Jones, Mr. and Mrs. David Deater, Mrs. Charles Rau, Elsie and Conrad Higgins, Mrs. Margaret Nuld, George Williams, David Nuld, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rozychi, Mary, James and Joseph Callaghan, Floyd VanHorn, Margaret Nametko, David McGowan, Mrs. Mulcahy, mother of the host, and the host and hostess.

Harold G. Payne of Harveys Lake, for the past three years district manager of the Dallas office of Commonwealth Telephone Company, has been advanced to assistant general manager of the Commonwealth, Bradford and Luzerne County telephone Companies.

The Dallas Post is 125 years old. Information for “Only Yesterday” is printed exactly as it appeared originally.

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