Remembering the smell of Grandma’s kitchen

First Posted: 4/15/2014

Many residents of the Back Mountain welcome Easter week as an opportunity to celebrate the season and to sample the vast abundance of baked goods available both in area bakeries and grandmothers’ kitchens. Nut and poppy seed roll top the list of favorite desserts that grace holiday tables.

Area bakeries confirm that Easter week is one of the busiest times of the year and, although customers do have favorites, many enthusiastically sample new items, while savoring old favorites that refresh childhood memories of the season, complete with ethnic delicacies.

When asked her favorite, nut or poppy seed roll, State Rep. Phyllis Mundy came down on both sides of the aisle and said “both.”

“Sometimes, you don’t have to pick a favorite!” she said.

The Star Super Bakery in the Dallas Shopping Center helps area residents celebrate the Easter season sweetly. The nut and poppy seed rolls offered there are described by many customers as “absolutely delicious.”

Owners Charles and Winnie Ukattah believe it is the spirit of hospitality and generosity of the area that make holiday bakery items so popular.

“People want to share food and memories with family and friends,” said Winnie. “We hope that our baked goods help make that happen.”

“Our baked goods are made from scratch from start to finish,” said Charles. “From flour and sugar to the final presentation, we cater to informed consumers.”

The spirit of family is one the Ukattahs know well. They are especially proud of their five children working alongside them, learning not only to make baked goods, but also how to work hard with a good attitude.

In addition to nut and poppy seed roll, a favorite item of the bakery is crown bread, with or without raisins. Dozens of loaves of the specialty sit at the bakery marked “sold,” waiting to be shipped out or for pickup by local customers.

Dymond’s Farm Market and Bakery in Shavertown is also especially proud of baking homemade poppy seed and nut roll.

Cashier Logan Darling said “hands down” customers prefer nut over poppy seed roll, perhaps because of the memories of their grandmother’s kitchen, as she tucked delicious walnut filling into a family bread recipe.

Darling said both types of treats grow in popularity each Easter season, with early orders from customers as they look forward to sharing treats with family members throughout Easter week.

Dymond’s Market also offers season candy, jellybeans and Easter-themed cakes to complete customers’ baskets and tables.

Nearby Weis Market in Dallas also makes the seasonal treats available to its customers, along with a myriad of colorful cakes, cookies and specialty breads. Customers said they enjoy the opportunity to complete their holiday table at the market, which offers all of their holiday needs.

Residents have spoken, poppy seed and nut roll are a cherished part of the holiday’s ritual, whether purchased or fresh from their family oven.

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