BMT wrestlers compete in tournaments

First Posted: 2/10/2014

Wrestlers from the Back Mountain Wrestling Club competed in two local tournaments on Feb. 1. The first was the Penn League Tournament at Lake-Lehman High School and the other was the Muncy Elementary Wrestling 15th Annual Beginner’s Tournament of Champions. The Penn League Tournament (PLT) had almost 500 competitors and Muncy (M) over 200. From left, first row, are Logan Geskey, third place PL; Sid O’Donnell, first place PL; Lucas Tirpak, first place PL. Second row, Adam Zarola, third place M; and Noah Cooper, second place PL. Third row, Zak Waslick, fourth place PL; and Thaddeus Mead, fourth place PL. Absent at the time of the photo was Jeremy Fagan, fourth place M.

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