First Posted: 7/29/2014

The following Back Mountain real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of July 28, 2014:

Rita S. Laver to Joseph D. Jr. and Tracy L. Wysocki, 99 Warden Ave., Kingston Township; $155,000

Joshua John Evans to Stephanie J. Demko, 177 Woodbine Road, Kingston Township; $145,000

Harry P. III and Patricia G. O’Neill to Jeffrey Taylor Jr. and Lauren Zack, 37 Dorchester Drive, Dallas Township; $248,500

Kenneth M. and Barbara A. Rutalis to Joshua J. and Danielle L. Evans, 7 Jacquelyn Drive, Dallas; $355,000

John C. Vandenberg to Ronald E. Sr. and Susan M. Woznock, 917 Lehman Outlet Road, Harveys Lake; $115,000

Matthew T. and Michelle L. Beutel to Mark and Nicole Rossick, 92 Jackson St., Dallas; $203,940

Richard P. and Janice M. Gvozdas to William G. Fagan III, 31 Rice Court, Dallas Township; $235,000

William F. and Kathryn Kupstas to Ryan Andrew Maye, 140 Franklin St., Dallas; $159,900

Scott W. and Kelly K. Kavanagh Watkins to Troy T. and Jessica A. Standish, 655 Lantern Hill Road, Kingston Township; $580,000

Nicholas and Patricia Colangelo to Steven and Mary Anna Okin, RR 1 Box 59 and Pole 166, Harveys Lake; $307,000

David C. Cramton to Oscar Flores, 177 Oak St., Kingston Township; $133,000

Charles J. Stockage to Richard Clark Stewart, 186 Huntsville Road, Dallas; $55,000

Cheryl L. Smith and Cheryl McMullen to David J. and Linda M. Walkowiak, Loyalville Road, Lake Township; $54,000

Donald T. and Michelle A. Strickland to Sunil and Nidhi Mukul, 215 Hillside, Dallas; $168,000

Jocelyn M. Kozick to Andrew and Amy Feldman, 444 Cross Creek Road, Jackson Township; $172,000

Edward and Sandra Hoffman to Bradley Kuzawinski, 2 Bramblewood Drive, Kingston Township; $263,000

Louis R. Jr. and Amy Honeywell Edwards to Kyle Moore and Lauren Hoover, 13 Cornell Road, Lehman Township; $151,000

Philip T. and Beverly S. Moseman to Jason R. and Heather Bower, Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake; $405,000

Estate of James Joseph Dunn to Jeffrey C. and Susan M. Metz, Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake; $320,000

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