Jr. Mounts defeat Shawnee Indians

First Posted: 10/21/2014

The Dallas Jr. Mounts D Team handed the Plymouth Shawnee Indians a 24-12 defeat on Oct. 19.

Running backs Noah Greco Logan Geskey, Nate Malarkey and Lucien Burkhardt all took part in carrying the ball for the Jr Mounts win. The offensive line included Cody Castleberry, Adam Guerrero, Julio Torres, Bryce Casey, Ryan Kintz and Joseph Ryan who all helped block the way for the running backs.

The strong Jr. Mounts defensive line was held by Tyler Richards, Keith Hughes, Michael Elgonitis, Dalton Robbins, Charlie Stephens, Gavin Bisco and Scott Kurrent.

The Jr. Mounts D team faces off against the Back Mountain Bobcats on Oct. 26.

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