First Posted: 10/2/2014


The Beaumont Inn

Built in 1948 by Peter Masonis, purchased by the Vaskas brothers in 1957, sold to the Harkins family in 1988 and currently owned by Rob Friedman, The Beaumont Inn has a long history of excellent customer service and food. Located on Route 309 in Dallas, the botanical garden surrounding The Beaumont Inn is a collection of over 200 varieties of plants with the theme of a progression of bloom from March to November. You can also enjoy a drink, dinner or items from the bar menu outside on a new, flagstone patio or reconstructed terrace overlooking Leonard Creek. The completely furnished patio and terrace includes two gas fire pits and tiki torches for a wonderful evening ambiance. The restaurant also features Culinary Institute of America (CIA) trained chefs and only the freshest ingredients are used.


Fire & Ice on Toby Creek

With a wide variety of wines and entrees, Fire & Ice on Toby Creek is the perfect place to take that special someone on a first date. The restaurant has the perfect atmosphere and a menu that will offer you and your date a little of everything, taking the stress out of choosing the food. The friendly service will ensure your evening is just right.



The Made-to-Order food bar at Sheetz has a variety of snack attack treats that makes it hard to beat, which is why Sheetz has earned this honor for the sixth time. The store on Route 309 has everything from ice cream to chili dogs for any style snacker and it’s all available 24 hours a day.


Overbrook Pub & Grille Restaurant

Winning this category for the fourth consecutive year, Overbrook Pub & Grille Restaurant is deserving of the award. With several different appetizers, eight salads, build your own pasta dishes and 11 gourmet pizzas, the restaurant offers something for everyone, including an 8-ounce filet mignon, veal francaise and crab-stuffed flounder that will make any dinner outing just what you’re looking for.


Jeff Huntzinger

Jeff Huntzinger has served as the executive chef at The Beaumont Inn in Dallas since August 2013.


Ranch Wagon

The Ranch Wagon on Route 309 in Shavertown has been serving fast food to generations of Back Mountain residents and beyond. Starting as a hot dog stand in 1955, the Ranch Wagon has added many more menu items that have become favorites. Voted the best in the area, Ranch Wagon offers hot dog varieties noted as being “not the short skimpy type” and are smothered with delicious toppings such as cheddar cheese, bacon and, of course, homemade chili sauce.


The Lands at Hillside Farms

The Lands at Hillside Farms is known for its locally-produced dairy products. Items sold in the dairy store include ice cream, ice cream cakes, milk, artisan-crafted cheeses, eggs from free-range chickens, bakery items, granola, trail mix, nuts, seeds and Green Mountain coffee.


Dunkin’ Donuts

The staff at Dunkin’ Donuts is quick and friendly in taking your order and offering a convenient drive-thru option for that awesome cup of Joe at anytime of the day.


J&J Deli

Offering delicious food in the Back Mountain for over 20 years, J&J Deli on Memorial Highway in Dallas has won the Best Sandwich Sub category for seven straight years. The restaurant offers a huge sandwich selection with both hot and cold subs and sandwiches as well as BBQ and wraps.


Lakeside Skillet

Lakeside Skillet in Harveys Lake has a huge menu that includes creative omelets and weekly breakfast specials served daily until 4 p.m.


Burger King

Burger King has been in business in Shavertown for more than 35 years. It’s famous for its fire-grilled burgers, signature sauce, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, onions and bacon that add to the delicious flavor of its burgers.


Grotto Pizza

Taking the title of Best Round Pizza for the fifth time, Grotto Pizza at Harveys Lake has been serving the Back Mountain since 1953, combining its signature pizza sauce with daily fresh-made dough for a pie that has won the hearts of residents all over Wyoming Valley. Its dining room with a view of the lake offers customers a beautiful place to sit and enjoy one of many delicious specialty pies.


Pizza Perfect

Winner of the best square pizza category for seven straight years, Pizza Perfect hasn’t changed a thing since 1975 and that’s okay with pizza-lovers of the Back Mountain area. Operated by sisters Janine Hudak and Tammy Lemelin, whose parents opened the eatery almost 40 years ago, Pizza Perfect is famous for its Sicilian-style pizza but offers so much more, including wings, BBQ, hot dogs and subs.


Pizza Perfect

Lucky number seven is how many years Pizza Perfect has claimed the title of Best Wings as voted by readers of The Dallas Post. While its pizza has been around much longer, Pizza Perfect wings are still the favorite among voters. Flavors include hot, mild, BBQ and Fireman’s Friends, which are very hot. They have boneless wings on the menu, as well, for those wishing to eat with a fork.


Checkerboard Inn

Michael Snyder has worked as a caterer for 14 years and enjoys compliments he gets from happy customers.​ Snyder says he uses all the homemade food he can.


Hogan’s Heroes & Pizza

Hogan’s Heroes & Pizza is a fun and casual dining spot in Dallas that serves pizza, wings, calzones and guarantees customer satisfaction with the quality of service it delivers. All of Hogan’s foods are available for takeout, including pizza, wings, stromboli, calzone, burgers, heroes and French fries. The business also has cold six-packs of beer ready to go.


CK’s Cantina & Grill

Voted Best of the Back Mountain for its ethnic fare, fresh is the key word at CK’S Cantina & Grill. In business since 2009, owner Cody Kyttle prepares menu items from tacos and quesadillas to Chipotle Alfredo Pasta and Mexican Spaghetti Bowl, using only the freshest ingredients.


Lum’s Fernbrook Inn

Lum’s Fernbrook Inn opened in 1965 and has since been renowned for its Brazilian and Australian lobster tails. From the homemade seafood soups to the appetizers to the delicious fish, crab cakes and lobster, the menu is something you would expect to see much closer to the coastline. These are only a few reasons Lum’s Fernbrook Inn has won in the Best Seafood category for six straight times.


Fire & Ice on Toby Creek

Co-owner Gary Edwards works with various meat suppliers and local farmers to obtain the best quality steaks in all different sizes to serve to hungry customers. Various steaks are on menu and include features such as bison steak, pork and beef steaks cooked to the customer’s choosing of rare, medium or well-done.



Nutrition, health and community involvement are as important as the quality of food items served. That is one of the reasons Wendy’s has been chosen Best Fast Food of the Back Mountain for the sixth year in a row. Fresh choices and nutrition information are available in the restaurants as well as on www.wendys.com. Customers can search for nutritional information about a specific item and calculate totals for their meal.

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