Only Yesterday

First Posted: 3/25/2012

20 YEARS AGO – 1992

The Lake-Lehman Football Club is sponsored a fashion show in the High School Auditorium.

Thirty-five football players and cheerleaders modeled sportswear from the Field House in Dallas, casual wear from Fashion Bug, and prom dresses and tuxedos from U.S. Tuxedo and Kathy’s Bridal Boutique.

Amongst the models were sophomores Larry Lucarino, Bob Sayre and Bobby Lamoreaux.

Colton Lee Spencer, 2 year old son of Samuel and Samantha Spencer of Dallas, recently received a trophy and a medal as prizes for the title of first runner up in the 1992 Regional Hemisphere Pageant held at the West Side Mall.

Colton is the grandson of Thomas and Sally Walter, Dallas, Howard Naparsteck, Wilkes-Barre, and John Spencer, Dallas.

30 YEARS AGO – 1982

First Woman Postmaster at Harvey’s Lake is Marilda Raklewicz, who, with husband Charles, lives at Pole 86.

The new Postmistress has been employed as a clerk at Harvey’s Lake Post Office the past 17 years.

Harvey’s Lake Woman’s Service Club presented “The Girls of the Year” recently at their monthly meeting held at the Lake Noxen School.

Each year eight senior high girls are selected because of their overall scholastic, civic and out of school activities.

This year’s winners are: Kathy Bernick, Maria Drobnicki, Debbie Lansberry, Kim Edwards, Susan Hobbs, Margaret Hall, Pamela Janiczek and Melinda Muller.

40 YEARS AGO – 1972

Linda Tough, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Tough, Lehman, won first prize in the 10th annual sewing contest sponsored by the Harvey’s Lake Women’s Service Club recently.

Second place winner was Terry Lienthall, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walbridge Lienthall, Harveys Lake. Debbie Muessig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Meussig, RD Noxen, won third place.

Dallas majorettes will perform a routine at the band concert Friday night.

Members of the squad are: Patti Parrish, Nan Phieffer, Debbie Ostrum, Jane Domnick, Mary Lou Roman, Bonnie Porter, Carol Muscavage, Patti Turpak, Nancy Young, Karen Earl, Cathy Skammer, Cathy Stella and Rosalie Danna.

50 YEARS AGO – 1962

Dallas Varsity Cheerleaders won the Class A competition at the Bloomsburg State College Tournament. The girls are noted for their enthusiasm and peppy cheers and for their colorful halftime routine, a new addition to Dallas basketball games.

Squad members include Susie Dorrance, Georgia McCutcheon, Sandy Ambrose, Nancy Elston, Judy Woolbert, Carol Dungey, Carol Spare, Margie Walp and Peggy Jordan.

Janet Cleasby, 13, seventh grade student at Dallas Junior High School, received one of the awards for an outstanding poster in the National Safety Poster Contest sponsored by Wilkes-Barre Kiwanis and American Automobile Association at a luncheon in Hotel Sterling.

One of the judges stated that Miss Cleasby’s entry was the finest piece of graphic art he had seen in this area.

60 YEARS AGO – 1952

Shirley MacMillan, Alice Epply and Sue Haron, Lake-Noxen High School, are attending the annual convention of The Future Homemakers of America in Pittsburgh.

The girls left on Thursday and will return in Sunday. They are being chaperoned by the Lake-Noxen Chapter’s adviser, Miss Helen Sileski, who is also the Home Economics teacher.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week, Shirley Ann Drake, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Drake, Center Hill Road, Dallas, is competing in the State contest held at Meyers High School in Wilkes-Barre, and in the chorus in Philadelphia on Sunday. Shirley, a soprano, qualified at Montrose for Northeastern District.

70 YEARS AGO – 1942

A shooting eye made keen by years of hunting in the deep woods back of Harvey’s Lake won high honors last week for Private Elwood W. Davis, son of Squire and Mrs. Ralph Davis of Alderson.

The 25-year-old Marine recruit, who has gone out after deer and other game with his father since he was old enough to hold a gun straight, was high man in rifle and pistol last week among 500 other trainees on the range at Paris Island, Marine Corps training base.

For a woman who used to think nothing of entertaining a thousand people at a time, the affairs of a country club ought to be a fairly simple proposition.

At least that’s what officials of the Irem figured week before last when they appointed Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson, former chief home economist for the Pennsylvania Power and Light Corporation, to replace Carl Schlingman as manager of the palatial Irem temple Country Club here in Dallas.

Information for “Only Yesterday” is taken from past issues of The Dallas Post which is 122 years old. The information is printed here exactly as it appeared in the newspaper years ago.

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