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First Posted: 3/4/2012

Those technologically-challenged residents living within the Dallas School District can now take solace in the fact that help is available to them.

The Dallas School District Technology Department began its “Tech Guru Infoshare” program at the high school to aid those who want to learn more about computers.

“Most of the time it’s the simplest questions, but people were afraid to ask,” said Bill Gartrell, the district’s technology director.

He and others from the technology department, including students, teach the class from 3:30 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday at the high school.

A registration form for the class is available online, and Gartrell asks that potential patrons of this free service let his staff know what they want to learn before coming to class.

“I wanted to give something back to the community,” said Gartrell. “With my stuff – computers – you can never stop learning.”

The program takes its name from Gartrell’s class at the high school in which students are taught how to fix computers and eventually become part of the technology department.

Gartrell said students are trained and are allowedto answer calls from all over the campus, including the middle and elementary schools.

“They’re treated like adults, and they fix things on their own,” said Gartrell.

Some of the students in Gartrell’s class have advanced in certain areas on their own and can provide specialty instruction at the Infoshare classes.

For example, one of his students is a whiz with Macintosh computers and graphic design and another is adept at software writing and plans to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology.

“Everyone’s got a computer problem,” said Gartrell. “But this will not be an advanced Photoshop class. It’s more about the basics.”

Gartrell also said those who attend the class can bring in their own computers for free virus and spyware removal. Previously, this service was available only to district employees and their families.

It’s also a useful program, said Gartrell, because it allows young people to get experience teaching and interacting with older students.

“When it comes to computers, the generation gap goes away,” he said.

For more information

For more information about the “Tech Guru Infoshare” program at Dallas High School, visit or call 675-5201.

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