Dallas Foundation begins first-ever fund campaign

First Posted: 4/8/2012

The Dallas Foundation for Educational Excellence, a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of Dallas students, will begin its first-ever fund campaign to replace the current school district sign on Route 309 with a digital sign.

Information about the fund drive will be sent to district residents through the mail beginning this week.

The group is currently working with a local sign company to create a sign similar to digital signs at many other school districts in the region.

The sign will have the ability to be programmed with important information, including dates of athletic and cultural events and test reminders.

The organization hopes the addition of a new sign will also enhance the campus and the community.

The project will cost between $35,000 and $40,000, and the foundation has already generated $6,000 towards the new sign construction.

While the sign replacement has been designated as an important longer term project, the Dallas Foundation will continue to identify opportunities to support district students in other ways, and community input is welcomed.

For more information, to make a suggestion or to donate, visit www.OurDallasFoundation.org. Checks can be made payable to the Dallas Foundation.

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